The Future of Healthcare in Australia

Self HealingWhile on the Gold Coast last week I attended a Health Professional Industry Network meeting that was attended by members of different Industry Associations including Chiropractors, Naturopaths etc.


To get your attention on how important this is, one of the speakers Dr Bruce Whittingham, president of the Queensland Chiropractic Association Australia, estimates we have about 10 years to get it together.

The medical profession wants a merger of traditional and non-traditional medicine. Statistics are that currently in Australia 3.1 billion per year is spent on alternative medicines, which is four times that spent on pharmaceuticals. Wow, did you know that? So yes, you guessed it, money is the motivation here, not our health.

A fantastic speaker was Dr Sandi Rogers, National President of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, who gave us some of the history of the medical profession that was accepted and regulated only about 100 years ago. I think sometimes we forget how recent in our history the regulated medical profession came into being?

* I learnt a lot about the prescribing of drugs when I was married to a Pharmacist and saw the huge boxes of medicines he was preparing for people, all paid for under medical insurance. This is what inspired me to study Naturopathy, get my own farm and organic garden at that time.

Sandi spoke about how MD’s first got recognition and it was by moving into politics and creating laws to protect themselves. She said this is what we need to do now with traditional medicines. We need to support each other in all our different modalities and not to pull each other down. We need to talk to our opponents and have open discussion. There is power in numbers and with consumer support the right people will be voted into government.

Sandi said that complimentary therapists undervalue themselves. How many are struggling in their practices and how many if they stopped work today would have no money coming in? We do have however, CREDIBILITY, because our clients pay out of their pockets for what we offer.

The medical profession is currently looking towards a merger but natural health advocates are looking at a co-regulatory model instead. It is really important that we have one voice to government, media and the public.

If you want to know more you can watch this video of Sandi Rogers: Part 1: ATMS on Regulation of Natural Medicine


The next speaker, Dr Bruce Whittingham, spoke about the changes in Chiropractic since regulation of this industry in Australia 10 years ago by AHPRA.

He talked about the limits now placed on Chiropractors such as what they can charge, how they cannot advertise except for saying they help with back pain and headaches, cannot use testimonials unless they have double blind random etc etc and that they cannot incite clients, so they are not able to say “I can help you with your back pain”. AHPRA comes under National Law, which is above Federal and State.

Bruce spoke about some of the absurd cases currently brought to Chiropractors under their new regulation and that the ‘witch hunts are happening again’.

He also spoke about how change will only come at boardroom level and encourages everyone to become involved in effecting the changes to come.


As it turned out there was also another prominent person at this event, Peter Little, the lawyer working on the case of Chase, the little boy with Cerebral Palsy who was medically kidnapped from his parents about two weeks ago. Peter said this was the most important case in history for our rights to make our own medical decisions. Peter is trying to find where Chase is and return him to his parents care and was in contact with government ministers while the meeting was on. I suggest you do your own research on this case.


For those who are in Sydney or feel like a drive this weekend there is a rally at the Sydney Town Hall Sunday, 4th June starting at 1pm. This is not about our personal opinions, it is about our rights and freedom to make our own choices. Here is a FB link to the details:

I know I need to take some action myself in the above areas, what is your part?

Much love and backing always, Julie Jara


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