Bali and Intuition AND something you can participate in

Bali Healing Flag

I have a story about Bali that I feel shows really well how it can be so practical to be connected and know how to tune into your intuition or higher self or spiritual guides – whatever you like to call it – and how it may even be life saving.

You have most likely heard that Bali’s largest volcano, Mount Agung is shooting ash 3,000 metres high and causing evacuation of the people who live in the local area, and inconvenience to travelers stranded while the airport is currently closed.

I have been traveling over the Bali and the island next to it, Lombok for many years and have been offering programs in Lombok for the last few years. There are no direct flights from Sydney to Lombok, so I fly to Bali and then on to Lombok, which is only 20 minutes away.


I had scheduled another program for September 2017 but no matter how many times I tried to book airline tickets, I just could not get a ‘yes’ to going. I finally gave in and cancelled my program with the thought that something must be ‘up’. Then my friend Lena from the US/France was running a tour in Lombok and I wanted to go meet with her but again I just could not get a yes to going. I then wanted to go over in November, a special person time, but again it did not check, so as I went to hit the ‘book’ button with the airline, I hit ‘cancel’ instead. I have now scheduled another ‘Healing Retreat’ but still couldn’t get a date that ‘feels right’ so I have listed it with ‘date to be confirmed’. Its on my website HERE.


The dates in September that I originally wanted to be in Lombok is when the volcano started smoking and evacuations started. Lena had a family emergency and had to cancel her trip, and now in November the volcano is in full swing. So here I am, safe in Sydney and grounded for now. No matter how I look at this, my intuition was right that it was not good timing to be traveling over to Bali and Lombok.


Bali is one of the most wonderfully spiritual places you can visit, some people become consumed with the shopping, drinking, massages and they are great, but the energy behind the life of the Balinese people is based on a true spiritual connection that is part of their daily life. Being part of this has been a blessing that has taken me into a world so different to how I was brought up and given me insights far beyond I could imagine. I have much more to tell but for now, here is what happened a few days ago.

Feeling for the people in Bali who have been evacuated and knowing they have little resources for life, I was trying to get on with some work and not able to really focus. I was then visited by some of the spirits from Bali (who have made their presence known over the last few years) and they invited me to join with them, to help with prayers. I received insight to simply focus on the area around the volcano and on the people and to send love. They also said I could invite others, and actually asked if I would.

As I was thinking OK, sure I can do that, I walked over to a box of oddments that have been sitting for several years and noticed a yellow Balinese prayer flag. I had never worked out how to put it up. I then went into the garden shed and found three large sticks and knew how to join them together to create a flagpole, and a few minutes later my Bali Flag was up. My insight then was to use this to focus the energy, from the top of my flagpole over to Bali. So simple.


I invite you to join me, once a day, any time, just sit for a few moments, focus your attention on the yellow flag, actually above it, feel part of the spiritual energy and then as a team move over to Bali to focus your heart and love to all the people who have been evacuated from the volcano.

Come back and take a few moments to ‘regroup’ with yourself on what you experienced. Then let that go.

When I did it today it was a little overwhelming, the power and energy I sensed was immense, and the grief, us bloody empaths who feel it all, its important to let it go. I am hearing that this imminent eruption may have a very significant spiritual meaning, we do not want to, and cannot interfere or change that, our role is to be the observer and be part of the solution of allowing love, thats all.

I just went outside and took a picture of the yellow flag in my garden (in Sydney, yes my backyard looks a bit like Bali!), interesting formations in the clouds around it! I guess I am not ‘making this up’ as my conscious mind often wants to argue, yes it is real, and there is something we can do. Will you join me?

Om Swasti Astu


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