Two Healers – My Personal Story

I have not shared very much about my personal relationship before, it’s unconventional and most people really don’t ‘get it’. I am about to head over to Bali for another trip and have the feeling its time to share some of my story with you.

I met my husband, Wenten 20 years ago, we instantly had a connection, it was like the world around stopped and it was only the two of us together, like two lost soul mates who had found each other again. After many trials and tribulations we still feel the same way about each other and each time we meet, it is yet another version of the first time we met.

Wenten is Balinese, his family are originally from Bali but were relocated to Lombok, the island next to Bali, when the Bali Volcano first erupted in 1963. Wenten is the oldest son in a large family and was educated in Economics, Languages and Tourism as the west discovered a land of surf, beaches, spirituality and cheap holidays.

I traveled over to visit him for around six years before I convinced him that it would be good if we got married and maybe he could come over to Australia to live. He was very reluctant but it eventually came to pass, and we were married in Australia. He tried, but did not like it, the culture and lifestyle not at all what he was used to. He traveled back and forth several times and when his Father passed his responsibility was to be in charge of the family and help his Mother until she also passed more recently. He always meant to come back, but life got in the way for both of us.

Why have I not moved over there? I guess we are very alike; I have been reluctant to make that move, just like Wenten was reluctant to move to Australia.

This is something I wrote on my last visit (2017):

Over an hour soaking in the pleasantly warm pool Julie and Wenten discussed different healing methods. Wenten has been trained in the Balinese Hindu tradition of healing since he was young, now teaching yoga, meditation and spirituality in the Balinese Temple. He is called upon for service for marriages, cremation ceremony helping the soul to depart, many formal Balinese village ceremonies, offers healing to people in his village and has now opened his Balinese Healing to travelers who arrive looking for help.

I asked him how people in his village decide if they should go to a medical doctor or a healer? He said they first go to the medical doctor and if they have no result, or if the doctor cannot help with their situation, they then go to a Balinese Healer. He will often receive a phone call, they explain their situation and he will advise if he can help. Balinese Healing is spiritual healing, emotional healing, mental healing and the physical results can be life changing.

As a Reconnective Healing Practitioner I also receive many people who have tried everything and then come to me for healing as a last resort. ‘Last resort’ healing is not my preferred although some amazing healing has happened with people who have felt they have nowhere else to turn. I guess sometimes it takes that ‘wake up call’ of dis-ease, stress, illness, being pushed out of your comfort zone for someone to begin searching for something more.

People also see me to become attuned to the new frequencies, when they sense imbalance, for preventative health, also many clients realize that to have healing alongside conventional medical treatment may enhance their progress.

Wenten feels the same way as me, that it is not he doing the healing and is still kind of perplexed about how it all works. I suggested maybe because of this lack of ego and attachment to the healing, that spirit, god, the energy is able to come to the person and allow them to connect to their source of healing. It is never the healer who does the healing; the healer is acting as a catalyst for the person to connect to his or her own healing. The cells in our body have a memory of health and start to resonate back to that. Our body is an amazing system that is self-regulating, when given the right conditions.

Wenten said that he would often get home opening the envelope of money, which in his Balinese Tradition is always by donation, and find a large sum of cash. He has a moment thinking maybe he should not accept the money because he feels like he really did not do much, but then he receives a phone call from the client who thanks him and says that his child is now well, or they have had a healing.

I first trained in various forms of healing from when I was 21 years old, first with naturopathy and then learning energy healing, spiritual healing, trance healing, healing of past lives and much more. I spent time with an Australian Aboriginal Healer who taught me how to work with the spirit. I was also teaching this work and all the while I didn’t feel a total connection. You may have heard me say that I had not been a healer before, and this is not because of lack of actually doing these different forms of healing for over 20 years, its because I never saw the work I did in the light as being a “healer”, which yes, is a bit strange but I have since met many many people who tell me that they always felt there was something missing in the work they did, that there had to be something more….

With the experience I had in training, I moved into working full time for a corporate training company for the next 13 years and in my ‘spare time’ I taught psychic development classes at an adult education centre.

In 2003 Reconnective Healing found me and I remembered my healing journey again. With over 650 hours initial training to become an instructor, traveling to over 20 countries and seeing thousands of people for healing, as well as helping others to become healers, I find I am at a very similar place as Wenten as far as experience and where we both stand. I love talking with him about the philosophy of healing with his view that comes from thousands of years of tradition, and his own person study where he is bringing his healing into current times, and my study of healing that is about moving into the new energy now available to us on the planet. It is both old, and new.

Of course there are differences in how we offer our healing. I work with more western procedures than Wenten, but the essence of what we do is the same. Some of the differences are that I have a set fee, its not by donation, I don’t ask the client why they are coming for a healing, its easier for me to focus on wholeness and optimal health when I am not focusing on the dis-ease, although I love to find out later how their life has changed. I also don’t do any diagnosis, sometimes I may gain great insights, but very often I find the person having the healing takes themselves on their own healing journey. This is where the real power of healing is, not from an outside source but from within. Our job as a healer is to help people remember that.

The story is to be continued…. I will be with Wenten in Bali from 6-20 February 2018 and hope to delve deeper into the story while there.

Wentens day-job is as a tour guide in Lombok, with his own business: Welcome Lombok Tours. You can see lots of pictures of the beauty of Lombok Island on his website at

Bali Blessing

3 thoughts on “Two Healers – My Personal Story

    1. Thank you Donna, it has taken me years to put this together and feel it was the right time to share my personal journey. Of course there is a lot to say of what has happened in the 20 years since that fateful day when I sailed into Lombok, from a 3 week adventure in Sumatera…


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