The Shift of the Ages

Eagle and CondorLast week I was re-introduced to Don Alejandro, known as Wandering Wolf, Grand Elder of the Maya people.

We know that our world is changing, the Maya call it ‘The Change of the Suns’.

Don Alejandro says it is like a new year coming and with this is an opportunity to heal. He talks about the invisible world or the voice of our ancestors, who have shared with him information about The Reunion Prophecy where the Eagle of the North (representing our mind) will reunite with the Condor of the South (representing our heart). He said ‘For the ones who listen, the voice of the ancestors will be heard’.

I highly recommend The Shift of the Ages movie, a documentary set in Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia for those who are looking for more information on what is happening on our planet. YOU CAN WATCH IT FOR FREE HERE.

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