Call to Action: Lombok Healing Project

Wenten and Julie Lombok Healing ProjectOm Swasti Astu (blessings to you),

I was meditating on how I could help with the trauma being suffered by my extended Balinese Family in Lombok. Many people are asking me what they can do to help with healing.

Offering Healing

For those who would like to offer healing, you can find a way to do this below. Everyone is welcome to be part of this Call to Action.

The highest form of Reconnective Healing is one to one, so I was thinking in marketing we create our “Ideal Client Avatar”, so I thought what if you create your “Healing Avatar” and then work with them one to one?

Create your Healing Avatar

Our clients are our extended Balinese family who live in Lombok, there are approximately 700 people in this family. I have met a few of them, and it does not matter who you work with, everyone needs some help. Maybe get pen and paper and write down some information about your Avatar:

Location: Lombok, Indonesia
Cultural Group: Balinese
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Male or Female:
Age (adult or child):

You really don’t need more than that, and this gives you a focus of someone to work with, their energy to align with as a one to one healing. But you might like to add a name, colour of sarong or T-shirt they are wearing. Trust that the universal intelligence knows your intention and will assist.

Offer distance healing

Julie Jara Flower OfferingRelax in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for a while and focus on your Avatar. Imagine and notice what you notice as you sense the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. Imagine you are immersed in the frequencies and you are receiving. You might sense that something is happening, just take note and focus on what you are sensing. As you receive you are in tune with your Avatar and they also receive. You do not need to ‘send’ anything to them, as you become one with your Avatar you heal yourself. You also do not need to diagnose or find out whats ‘wrong’ with the person, simply see them in the highest light as 100% perfect. One thing I have learnt over doing many healings is that I focus on my client as being already healed. As in meditation, if your attention goes somewhere else, just bring it back when you notice it has gone.

Ending the healing

After 5, 10 or 20 or maybe 30 minutes, come back to the room and take a few moments to review your experience. You may want to take some notes of what happened. If you like, please write your experience in the comments below, for those who are not used to this distance healing work, it may help others to see how varied the experiences may be. There is no right or wrong, whatever you experience is correct. Trust yourself.

I suggest you just do one session and then let it go. Trust that the healing has happened and that the outcome will be what is in the best interests of your Avatar. If you want to do another healing, you might create another Avatar.

Healing really is that simple when you have become attuned with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. If you have not yet taken training in this, you ARE part way there because you are reading this and either know me or someone who knows about this type of healing.

What was your experience as a healer?

I have not tried this before, but it is what came as inspiration when I was thinking of a way everyone could be part of the healing of family in Lombok. I would love to know what your experience was with doing the healing. Please write your comments or questions below?

Terima Kasih (Thank You) from Wenten, Julie and the Balinese family in Lombok.



11 thoughts on “Call to Action: Lombok Healing Project

  1. From Nicole Rhodes: I facilitated Reconnective Healing and saw the image of a child wearing a yellow surong. I instantly felt my brain being stretched. My eyes were closed and all i saw was pewter grey that then had undulating waves of light grey flowing past my view (while my eyes were still closed) I saw/felt myself holding hands with this child and we were laughing and giggling while i was swinging and twirling the child around. So much joy. I then felt an immense flood of love.
    I noticed during this experience 1. My eyes were shut! I always do this eyes open.
    2. My hands were super cold! I always have warm pulsating hands doing this work.
    3. The moment i imagined an avatar i felt a massive pulling inside my brain, like my body was still but my mind was traveling at super speed.
    I didnt go into why or how this was happening, this is just the things that caught my attention and whatI observed.

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  2. I looked at some photos of Lombok and people. I then imagined a woman in a red sari, white top, smiling . I facilitated Reconnective Healing. The lady’s face became more detailed, full of joy and suddenly there was a baby at her shoulder and sometimes she looked down, rubbing baby’s arm, calm, happy. Then she turned and walked away, looking over her shoulder, smiling. A small girl ran up to her and hugged her leg. She turned to face me with the children, all happy, as if for a photo. My hands very warm, pressure, tingling as usual on hands and lips. A couple of times a wave of chills through body.

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  3. I did a RH session as you suggested and saw a volcano, which to me meant that I was connecting with the land and situation. I saw a tarpaulin, perhaps being used as a tent, and received the words “What is this? December”.
    Also the words “Phase 1”, and an image of a plane journey going east in which the seat behind was raised or possibly cramped. Then an image of a blue single decker bus pointing west, somehow it reminded me of a tram in Melbourne.
    I also heard the name of a girl I went to school with, and yet I probably haven’t thought of her for 10 or 20 years!!
    Good luck with the appeal and blessings to all concerned xx

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    1. Thank you so much Russell, your help is appreciated. I think you may be very right with ‘Phase 1’ – this is just the start, I am so humbled by the donations that have enabled us to send water, food, shelter over the first two weeks of this disaster, the healing is the part that will now support everyone emotionally, I hope, and then there will be more as they rebuild their lives and we have to just allow that to unfold.


  4. When I started focussing on an avatar, I young girl of about 6 yrs with short hair, fair skin and a solemn face appeared. I noticed my chest tightening, left palm cold and right palm heavy. Then there was a feeling on my left as if a fan was blowing cold air around my hand while the right hand still felt heavy. I short while later the chest tightness has dissipated. Not long after that the girl’s face appeared to have been lit as if a light has shone over it and it looked lighter in color.
    I”m thankful for this experience and the opportunity to participate in distance healing.
    Healing, Peace, LIght.

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    1. Thank you so much Dilusha. I am sure our love is helping and as with the philosophy of the healing, we focus on it and then let it go, allowing the universe, God, Love to do the rest.


  5. I offered a healing to Wenten last week, then I did another last night. I had been talking to him earlier and he said he was not feeling very well, that he had not been sleeping, most of them are not sleeping because of the constant movement of the earth. I suggested he do some meditation and allow his body to relax. (Kind of funny, me suggesting to the Yogi who meditates every day, that he meditate).

    So last night it was very late, maybe 1am and I thought I would focus on Reconnective Healing for Wenten. I then fell asleep and woke up with him telling me they had another large earthquake and it was just after I did the healing. He said he had felt the healing, even though I did not mention I was going to do it. I am not sure if its helped, its a tense situation, but I am doing what I can, and what I know how to do.


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