Lombok Earthquakes 2018

Lombok Children


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1 November 2018: From donations received I purchased water purification drops (very inexpensive but good ones) and sent them over to Lombok. Wenten has advised if anyone needs help to contact him and one family came saying they had all had stomach upsets. He helped them use the water purification to clean their drinking water and all their illness stopped within a few days. He is now spreading the word that he can help anyone who needs it.

Lombok healing

2 October 2018: Wenten has joined a group who are helping the children to deal with the current ongoing earthquake situation in Indonesia which is on the ‘ring of fire’. They have a song that he said all the children now sing, that is how to deal with an earthquake “run out into the field where there are no buildings, cover and protect your head”. He was able to buy books and small toys for the children and they have been distributed through the village heads.

9 September 2018: The Balinese have got together in the capital city, Mataram, for a celebration of cleansing Mother Earth. Wenten said it is a ceremony “To keep balance between spiritual and activities of life journey”. I love so much how the community works together in their spiritual life path. Blessings to everyone in Lombok.

5 September 2018: Earth tremors are still happening regularly and while there is now help from Aid Agencies and Government, the people, still living in tent cities and unable to return home, are in trauma. Wentens attention is now on the children and our goal is to bring in a further $700 in a project to take footballs and play things to the children. This is direct their attention to play, as a start of their rehabilitation. You can scroll to the end to see how you can donate, and even $5 is gratefully accepted towards this project.

Pura Penataran Agung Rinjani

25 August 2018: Update of total donations received to date: $5,108 aud. Spent on supplies: water, food, tarps, water purification drops, transport to get it to North Bali: $4,686. The first two weeks were the crucial time to help. Thank you so much to everyone -you made this happen. We have $422, waiting to see what is needed most next. No earthquakes for 24 hours is a good sign. One of the people in Wentens village passed and Wenten sat all night reading the Vidas to help him on his journey, the cremation was held yesterday.

21 August 2018: I called Wenten and he said the earthquakes have still not stopped, its 36 hours of the earth moving now. I can hardly imagine, and I am not seeing this reported on our news. Wenten was slightly injured being thrown to the floor while trying to escape outside. He said Lombok airport is still open (it’s in the south of Lombok), banks and postal services are still operating so I sent 12x bottles of water purification drops by courier today.

20 August 2018: A 6.9 earthquake hit again and Wenten said it has not stopped since midnight. It’s not just one earthquake as reported, it’s continual and large, every few minutes. He was injured, (only bruising) thrown to the ground trying to run when it hit. They are all scared. When the earth settles, we will reevaluate what is needed and forward money that I am still collecting. It will go to where it is needed most as we coordinate with the Balinese village heads.

Lombok RoadLombok village18 August 2018: CHILLIES! Wenten took 20kg of chillies on his last trip up to North Lombok. The road is difficult to drive along, but when he arrived the extended Balinese Family were so happy to receive chillies, they said this is the food they have missed the most since the earthquake. He had called the head man before they went and asked what they needed most, so the co-ordinated effort between me asking for help here in Australia and the most wonderful friends, family, clients and people who heard about our appeal and have donated, sending the money directly to Lombok and the same day Wenten contacting the villages to take them exactly what they need has helped more than you can imagine over the last two weeks. As well as the water, rice and now some fresh vegetables that have sustained them, we have brought them hope that we care, and the knowing that they will be OK. Maybe this is what true love is. Caring about each other and doing what we can, knowing that we all share the same planet and if we can all do our part, it works. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this project.

16 August 2018: Supplies and FRESH VEGETABLES are being driven to North Lombok today. The earth is still shaking with many aftershocks. This is Wenten with his helpers and security.

Lombok Appeal   Lombok Appeal


15 August 2018: Gratefully, with donations being offered I have transferred another $1,000 direct to Wenten today (plus $1,000 yesterday) and he is going to purchase $1,500 of water, $400 of rice, $100 to hire vehicles, drivers, petrol and security and take these to North Lombok in the next few days.

What does the future hold for North Lombok? Change I am sure. I am hoping that in the coming weeks the Government is able to get into these places as promised, for now we will buy water and rice and send it in personally, so your $5, $50, $100 or more is still worth 10x value to us to help the Balinese Families. Details on how you can donate are at the end of this page. Thank you.

Lombok Appeal Receiving water in Lombok14 August 2018: I have transferred another $1,000 AUD direct to Wentens bank this morning. This now makes a total of $3,300 AUD donated that I have sent over to buy water, food and tarps plus another $300 I used to purchase water purification drops that I am looking for someone who is going to take over, or I will send by courier if I need to.

Today Wenten said the greatest priority is water, all the water has turned brown and cannot be used for drinking or cooking, so bottled water is urgently needed. He said there is still one spring water supplier producing water in Narmada – and he will purchase as much as he can from them over the next days.

13 August 2018: Wenten has dropped off supplies in North Lombok and said he feels very sad to see what happened there. He said most of the people were hungry and are in trauma from the initial earthquake that they said went on for 24 hours and now the ongoing experience they are going through with aftershocks. All the buildings are damaged.

Julie Jara Holistic Healing Donations11 August 2018: Wenten sent me photos of lots of food he picked up today, looks like baby formula, rice, eggs, noodles, water and tarpaulins. And different smiling children standing with a sign saying ‘Donated by Julie Jara Holistic Healing’, which is kind of funny, its come from my family, friends, clients and people I dont even know, who all wanted to give. I guess you are all part of the healing movement now! I have graciously received more donations today and promises for the future, which will continue to assist while the future is a little shaky right now. Again, thank you so much.

 10 August 2018: A quick update: just spoke with Wenten in Lombok, he is on the way to the market to buy supplies to drive up to the areas where people need water and food. I feel helpless in a way, but so grateful my family, friends, clients, associates and even people I dont know have given donations. We can help that way.

Afternoon update: I sent $1,200 to Wenten today. Using Transferwise it goes into his Lombok account immediately with better exchange rates than I was getting for cash last week. He said supplies where difficult to get and the price of water had doubled. (UPDATE: NOW TRIPPLED).

Lombok AppealWenten told me he had done more than 20 healings for people already, mainly children who are crying at night in the evacuation camp. He said with the trauma, and more aftershocks people are not sleeping. He went home and recovered my massage table stored there and is now using this as a bed to sleep on. Good thinking!

9 August 2018: I transferred $1,000 aud over to Lombok today, this will help our Balinese family who urgently need water, food, tarps and Wenten told me today they need blankets because they are sleeping outside. Thank you so much to everyone who has been donating $5, $50, $100 and much larger amounts. Its not how much, its being of service however you can that we are grateful for. Terima Kasih.

Wenten and Julie Lombok Healing ProjectCall to Action: Lombok Healing Project
I have worked out a way everyone can be part of offering healing to Lombok, CLICK HERE (even if you dont know how to do healing you can participate in this project!!). CLICK HERE to find out how.



1. Originally from Bali, his family was relocated to Lombok in 1963 when the volcano Agung erupted. Some of his family are still in Bali and are fine, but this explains how the Balinese came to live in Lombok instead of Bali.

2. Wenten lives in Mataram, the city area of Lombok. His roof has fallen in but he said it will be an easy rebuild.

Wenten Lombok Recovery Appeal3. His family village is in Suranadi comprising around 55 families so around 500 people. All of the buildings have been damaged, his immediate family house has fallen down and everyone is evacuated until the aftershocks stop. Wenten is living with them in a ‘tent city’ on a football field, like many others in the same predicament.

4. More of the family, around 140 people live in North Lombok. All the buildings have been flattened and now looted by thieves.


  • BANK ACCOUNT IN AUSTRALIA: If you are in Australia, direct payment to my Commonwealth Bank business account. I will send 100% of this money directly to Wenten in Lombok. Send me a quick email julie@juliejara.com and I will reply with bank account details.
  • INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFER: If you are overseas you could use Transferwise, Worldremit, Torfx etc Email me at julie@juliejara.com for Australian bank account details.
  • PAYPAL: to https://www.paypal.me/JulieJara/ OR to my phone number 0403 312 316 OR my email Julie@juliejara.com
  • CREDIT CARD: Send me an email with how much you would like to donate and I will send you a PayPal invoice, its easy to pay with Visa or MasterCard. OR if you want me to call you I can take your credit card numbers and process.
  • CASH: Yes of course you can hand me cash, any currency.
  • MONEYGRAM: You can send money through 77/11 stores in Australia or through 200 countries worldwide.
  • SEND ME AN EMAIL: When you send money, drop me a quick EMAIL and let me know. I will keep you informed on this post of whats happening in the coming weeks and months, how much money we have been able to send over, and I hope some photos!


Wenten said that the next (but not least) problem is the trauma that everyone is suffering. As a Balian, or Healer in his community he is helping these people where he can, mainly the children who are crying at night.

Help is needed today to go directly to those who need it. Government assistance may be coming, but it will be too late for life preservation in this area now.

It is important to know also that Bali is fine, South Lombok is fine, it is the North that was hit. If it was Australia it would have been like when Darwin was flattened, just one part. You can see pictures of beautiful Lombok on Wentens website here: WelcomeLombokTours.com

Thank you so much for reading all of this. I appreciate your help and so does Wenten and the families he is helping in Lombok.

Thank you for being of service. Blessings, Julie Jara and Nengah Wenten


On 8th August, one day after I returned to Australia from Indonesia the 7.0 earthquake hit the North of Lombok.

After speaking with my Balinese husband of 21 years, Nengah Wenten,we have set up a Recovery Appeal for those who are able to help.

As well as the many deaths and injuries I now have more current information about entire villages who have lost everything, are experiencing deep trauma, have little drinking water, food and shelter.

Lombok Recovery Appeal

Here is what is needed, where it is needed, and why this is a good way to donate. Those of you who know me well, this is a direct link to offer help to people in great distress.

What is needed

Wenten in North LombokIn communication with the village heads, this is what Wenten said is needed now for these people in this priority order:

1. Drinking water – the local water is now brown, bottled water needed to drink and cook
2. Food – basic food such as rice is needed
3. Medicine – *UPDATE: govt regulations mean we cannot supply medicines
4. Shelter – tarps are needed for shelter
5. When they can go back home, rebuilding will be needed

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