The life of Barni the Rescue Dog

Barni the Rescue Dog
Barni loved to play at the beach, often covered in sand.

Barni arrived and immediately rolled on the grass, in joy of finding his new home with a huge yard to play in. There was something very special about him, he was born on the day my Father had passed over, and the day we got him was my Fathers birthday. He was 5 years old, very fat and one day by accident we discovered he loved coffee! From then on I always let him lick the foam off the wooden stick I stirred my coffee with.

Initially I offered healing to him but he rejected it, walking away. I learnt that working with your family – including your animal mentors – may be the most difficult. With all the animal and human clients I help every day, my own dog did not want my help. It was when Renee Coltson came over from Arizona, USA, to run some animal training, that Barni accepted a healing from her, and in his later years she told me he came to visit several times in spirit, and she offered him healing. This was a big lesson; send your friends, family and animals to another healer, even if you are a healer yourself :}

Another life lesson I learnt from Barni was that he never forgot his first family. He had grown up with young children and every time he saw a child or adult who looked familiar he would go running up to them, look in their faces and then walk away with lost hope. I wonder how many people realize how long your rescue dog remembers his past? Even though Barni had the best life, with walks to the beach every day, fun rides in the car, lots of love and healing offered, he never stopped looking for his original family.

Barni started to slow down in his thirteenth year and for several months I knew it would soon be time for him to graduate from the earth plane. I was at the Seminar in Melbourne when I received a phone call to tell me he had taken himself to my door and was waiting outside for me, he was about to go. I could not come back earlier so I sent a mental message to ask if he could wait for me until the next day and I received a feeling that he would.

On return I spent the next 36 hours with him, assuring him, feeding him water through a plastic syringe bottle and helping him by explaining that it was time to go and that he would be OK. Early the following morning he was distressed that he could not get up to go outside to toilet so I carried him out wrapped in his towel and laid him down. I went away for a moment and when I returned he had gone, his spirit had left. It is such a different sense when the energy has left the body, it’s the same but so different.

I went to find Pippi the Rescue Cat, as Barni had been his constant companion, kind of like a surrogate ‘mother’ although it was only Pippi who thought this, Barni had no love for the cat at all, he tolerated him and sometimes showed his authority by pinning the cat to the ground, which of course the cat thought was a fun game, lets do it again and would take a running jump onto the dogs back.

Marley HealingI showed Pippi that Barni had gone and next thing Marley the Australian Kelpie from next door had jumped the 6-foot fence and was also standing with us, quietly observing. That was the first time Marley had jumped the fence and in the nine weeks since she has come to visit every day, sits outside my door and sometimes gets comfortable on the outside couch. It seems that Marley just likes the company.

Marley the healer











A few weeks ago I was wondering how Barni was going and if he was still around. From my work with people and animals, sometimes there is a connection with communication, so I asked him how he was doing. Straight away I received a response that he was just fine and was relaxing on the grass. He went on to communicate that he had gotten over his constant urge to eat and was fine with his food cravings, and also that he has decided that the cat is OK and he is fine with him now. It never ceases to amaze me in my work with animal communication the surprise attitudes and comments they make.

I let Barni know that he has passed and he can go to the light, but he has indicated he is not yet ready; he will stay a little longer. I know a soul will go when its ready so I am waiting, available for when he wants to go, in case he needs any assistance. I don’t really sense him around and he is not causing any ‘trouble’ so I will just let him be for now.

I have come to realize that when the soul leaves the body, the soul does return to God or the all or the universe or love – however you like to think of it – but sometimes the memory, the imprint is still there and that is the part we are communicating with. Our 3D world likes to see things compartmentalized and separate, but when we enter the 5D world we see that everyone and everything is connected. So we are still connected to our loved ones, both people and animals, but it’s in a different sense than when they were in physical form, and different to how we may perceive them spiritually as well, it’s a world without limits and difficult to grasp from where we are.

And what’s happening with Pippi the Rescue Cat? He is depressed, pining for his ‘mate’. He went off his food for a while and lost a lot of weight but is eating again now. We are looking for another rescue dog and are just waiting for the right one who will be a good companion for Pippi.

Thank you to all the animal lovers who have shared Barni’s journey, I miss him heaps, but as with life, all things must pass.

Much love, Julie

Barni the Rescue Dog and Pippi the Rescue Cat

2 thoughts on “The life of Barni the Rescue Dog

  1. Dear Julie …that is such a beautiful story…I had tears .as I remembered our 2 beautiful Bassett Hounds who were So loved as your Barni…I wept over them as I held each one in my arms as they passed.
    Thank you for explaining what happens after the passing from here.
    Love, Dorothy.

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  2. It is always sad when our animal friends graduate to their next opportunity, they rely entirely on us, and we have such an emotional connection with them. We need to grieve, and then we need to move on so we can allow them to also.


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