A spiritual experience at the Suranadi Water Temple in Lombok

Suranadi Water Temple

I was very surprised at what happened. I was not expecting it at all. This is where Wenten took us to as a half day tour in Lombok, Indonesia: WelcomeLombokTours

As we were driving along the narrow windy roads, through villages, passing people and animals along the roadside, the smells and sounds of Indonesia entered the car, starting to feel normal after a week here. I was wondering what we would experience and thought probably a small pond of water would be presented that would be clean but probably not very inviting… what a different scene appeared.

Suranadi Water TempleWe drove into the temple and there was a crowd of Balinese women and men, brightly coloured lace kabayos, sarongs and chatter. Wenten suggested we have a coffee in the small warong while we wait for them to leave. We ate fresh peanuts and were invited to return after our ceremony for fresh gado gado (vegetables with peanut sauce) where we could see the sauce being made. Yum!


The crowd quicky disappeared and we were informed the priest was ready to receive us. Handed a fresh white sarong that we wrapped around us over our swimming costumes and invited to walk down a few stairs and into the water. The pool was large with river stones on the bottom and I soon found the water was crystal clear, cool and so refreshing. I walked to the alter where the fresh spring water was spouting out underneath and one by one we immersed ourselves several times. I was so surprised that it was bubbling like a spa, it felt like it was cleansing deep to my soul. We were then asked to take some time for personal prayers.

I felt a surge of emotion and spontaneously started to cry, as a healing, release or joy. A feeling, energy, impression arrived, along with a voice, the sweet and soft voice of a woman welcoming me and announcing that they had waited a long time for me to get to this point. Somehow I had thought it should be the voice of a male. I looked around wondering if the others were having the same experience and they were enjoying the water, however, it was obvious it was only me in my personal experience, now sobbing with release. The woman’s voice said not to worry about the others, they were not important to me right now, and with that a vision in my mind appeared of what I have to describe as other dimensions, opening like peeling back the segments of an orange. In each segment was an energy, a master, a god like figure and she informed me I had come here to work with them. It seemed like these other dimensions were what I was being guided to focus on. She told me I had only just begun my real work, that I was being helped to move into these dimensions.

I am not really sure who she was, or what the message was about, but it was a lovely feeling that felt like an important moment in time. One thing I have learnt is to not place so much importance on engaging my intellect to try and work out too much about the message, simply receive and then allow the experience to unfold to what it will be.

My friends were still enjoying the water, Wenten was with us in prayer and I was feeling like I had been taken to another world, still here very real with the cool water, but with an experience so real and yet not real, not tangible.

A week later it is very strongly with me and so is this loving female energy.

Priest at Suranadi Water TempleWe swam around a bit and then walked out of the water to the temple area where we changed into dry clothes, sarongs and temple scarf. The Priest was waiting, dressed all in white and the smell of flower scented incense in the air. We were motioned to sit down on the ground and were handed our own personal offering consisting of a woven plate with flowers, and a stick of incense.

The Priest started a long series of singing while ringing a high pitched singing bell constantly, later Wenten explaining he was offering blessings to three levels of Gods and of life. I thought of the voice of the female and she was with me again, saying she would be with me from now on.

Regrouping later my friends they said they had their own personal spiritual experiences during this part of the ceremony.

We ended the ceremony and thanked the Priest before we went back to the warong to enjoy a freshly prepared gado gado. I started to explain what had happened to me, but I was lost for words at that time, I found I was still brimming with emotion, a good feeling emotion that seemed to overpower any thoughts I could have. A feeling of just being.

Om Swastiastu – Julie

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Water Temple Blessing

3 thoughts on “A spiritual experience at the Suranadi Water Temple in Lombok

    1. Julie – just read your water temple story and am so amazed! You have immersed yourself so long and deeply in spirituality and it is so cool you have had such a deep spiritual connection. Thank you for you and thank you for sharing. John Angrignon

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  1. How wonderful you were given such an experience!!! Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I am also glad that you had a really refreshing and no doubt much needed rest.
    Much love

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