Balinese Distant Healing Experience

The Balinese HealerI asked Wenten for a Balinese Spiritual Healing this week. I have had a couple of healings with him in the past and It was not for something specific, I believe in preventative health and an energy healing is like a tune up or refreshing of the system, so it felt like a good idea.

Wenten normally works in his tour business “Welcome Lombok Tours” in Lombok, Indonesia, but with International and Domestic flights stopped and even all ground transport currently grounded in Lombok, there are absolutely no tourists, not even people in the street and so no tourism work. Wenten also offers Balinese Healing in his community and several years ago he opened to also offer this to the international community. I had suggested to him that it was a good time to tell people about this!

Just as background, I met Wenten in April 1997 when I went on a journey to Sumatera, Bali and Lombok. This picture is of a medicine man we met who is treating the patient for multiple breaks in his leg with herbs, energy healing and massage. There were no western medical doctors in that area.

I was on a boat to Lombok and in a dramatic romance movie motion, Wenten was waiting as we landed and we fell in love instantly. Neither of us realized it at the time, but we could not stay apart. Sadly I returned home to Australia and booked another flight to go see him in less than a month! It was five years of commuting between countries every chance we got until we married and lived in Australia together. He was not so happy, the lifestyle is so different to the Balinese community he grew up in, his Father passed, and he returned home to take his place as the eldest son and head of the family, and yogi, healer and teacher in the Balinese Temple. I went to live in USA for a while, traveling back to Lombok every chance I could and have done this since then. Many ask me why I don’t go live there, its everyone’s dream to live on a small island in paradise, but I have put my work first, I would not have been able to do what I do from over there. Maybe one day…

Back to my healing. It is kind of (very) personal, but hey, sometimes its fine to share the truth, and I can only assume if you have read this far, you are interested to know more.

We arranged the time at 8am for me which is 6am for Wenten, he is always up early for 5am meditation and said it would be good to do the healing straight afterwards. He sent me a text to ask me to prepare a glass of water and to light some incense and while I was scrambling around to do this, he phoned.

He asked me to lay down and get comfortable and opened the energy with a minute or two of Sanskrit chanting. We hung up the phone then and I wondered what would happen, other than rolling over and perhaps having a good sleep. But no, I found my feelings going into an urge for a more spiritual connection, a yearning to connect more fully, even though I spend time every day in a meditation of some type, and most of my work is with healing where I am almost in meditation at times. I felt a need for something more, to have more time out with no agenda, no focus, just being.

Then my body started to vibrate and move, from the hips up the body, quite strongly in a shaking movement. I laughed at myself, trying to stop the shaking but of course it would not, and it was just a natural movement that happened spontaneously, and it stopped in its own timing soon after.

I turned over thinking I would now have a sleep and Wenten phoned as soon as I did. He asked me to take three sips of water and then to sprinkle some water over my forehead. I have had this done by the priest many times, so knew what to do, just a sprinkle. He then asked me to sprinkle some over where I had been laying, just a little because it was my bed!

We had a chat and he said he felt my health was very good, and I told him that I already know that!

I asked him about the urge I had to meditate, and he suggested I set up a place outside in the air to do a daily meditation, that his teacher had told him that its better to have fresh air than be inside. After the call I had visions of building a Balinese Gazebo in the yard, but this idea soon was put to rest, its winter and too cold to meditate outside! I moved a large coffee table that I had outside into a space inside, topped with a small mattress and I now have the perfect meditation area, inside in the warm for winter.

I asked him about the shaking, and he said that it was my body integrating the healing. I remembered then that I also had a feeling of a lifting in my abdomen, as if I was being pulled upwards with a string above my head, becoming taller and straighter.

Wenten also suggested I would be clearer in my direction by December or January. This is very good news. With the current situation I have had to cancel all training, travel and our larger seminar was also postponed until next year, so of course my direction is unclear at the moment. It just feels good to have further confirmation that I am on track, doing the right thing, which is actually not doing much at all. I have really been enjoying this ‘time out’ and have caught up on so many things that had been put aside.

I forgot to mention that I had a very late night before, I visited some girlfriends and we were up until 2am eating pizza, drinking a few wines and talking too much, so at 8am I was not at my best! I had already made another appointment to go see someone at 9am so I jumped into my car and realized that I felt wonderful. I phoned my friend to say I was on the way and she asked why I was so chirpy…. Just had the most wonderful healing. Thank you Wenten.


Nengah Wenten

You can read about the healing, how it is done, what Balinese Healing is about, and some of his history on this page:

There is no link to this on his website as he prefers to keep his healing work separate to his travel business, so you will need this link to find this page again 🙂

If you would like to have a healing with Wenten, I highly recommend it as something that you have maybe not experienced before, you can ask him questions about anything, he has good insights into many situations. He speaks many languages, but his typing is not as good, so you can send him an email and make a time to talk, or just give him a call. WatsApp is free and uses the same number as your mobile number.

Wenten is offering a special of 20% discount for a Balinese Healing during May and June 2020. Click on the link for details:


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