Lombok Update 2021

Wenten is from Lombok, the island next to Bali in Indonesia. He is in a group of 20 that includes village leaders, priests, healers, a yoga teacher, traditional Doctor, Ayurvedic Doctor and a 17 year old he calls an ‘indigo’ who sees the future and has a keen discernment of truth. They meet together at the temple on the full moon and discuss what each has received in messages, make an agreement of the combined message and what they feel they need to convey to others. They then share the spiritual principles of the message at the many temple celebrations that happen over the coming month.

If you have visited Bali/Lombok you would be aware there are celebrations nearly every day, that include offerings of fruit and flowers, incense burning, bells ringing, prayer, music, dance and wearing traditional dress.

The members of the group offer prayer in different locations over their island to help people to receive the message for that month. The outcome of this is to help people to reorganize their life, and their spiritual life to help overcome the fear that many have been feeling.

(Would you like to know more about this? Please send me a response to the question below.)

I met Wenten 24 years ago when I was traveling and we instantly connected as soul mates, knowing we had spent many lifetimes together. I have spent a lot of time in Lombok, Indonesia where Wenten lives, and he has lived in Australia for some of this time also. With the current world situation, who knows where the future path may lead?

Wenten and Julie at a ceremony in Lombok

Wentens tour business “Welcome Lombok Tours” has been quiet over the past year as all international and most domestic tourism has stopped in Indonesia since the Covid shut down.  After more than 30 years in the tourism business Wenten, like many of us, is experiencing life changes. As well as offering healing and counselling to the Balinese community in Lombok, he offers healing to the international community. He has been doing this for many years, but now it’s more of a focus with the other parts of life on hold!

“Wenten is a powerful authentic healer. Having a healing with Wenten is no ordinary experience. I sensed a uniqueness found with very few energy healers. He is inspiring, non-judgmental, kind, patient, understanding, sincere and wise, with great integrity. I would strongly recommend Balinese healing sessions from Wenten to those seeking restoration of any kind.”

Terri, Sydney, Australia

Wenten is offering a special donation/fee for Distant Balinese Healing in Australia and New Zealand: $90AUD for a healing, or $229AUD for 3 healing sessions for a limited time only.

Lombok is experiencing huge shifts, like many other places worldwide that have thrived with the tourism industry over the last 30-40 years, and the work of the spiritual group, and Wentens healing, is invaluable to help many people to find hope in the darkness. I am continually amazed at how we come together in times of need. Perhaps this will be seen as one of the good learning lessons after we move on from this current situation.

You might book a Balinese Healing for yourself or someone else, different options are listed on Wentens website: https://welcomelomboktours.com/the-balinese-healer

My Question to you:

I have asked Wenten if he would be willing to share the message that his spiritual group puts together each month, and then I could add it to my monthly newsletter. Would you be interested in that? He feels it is not going to be of interest to those living in western countries and I have been trying to explain to him that we find it VERY interesting, it’s something so different to what we have here….. If you would find this information useful or interesting, please send me a message I can forward on to him to convince him? You can email me at Julie@JulieJara.com

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