Miracle II Australia Soap, Neutralizer, Moisturizer

I have been using this ‘green soap’ for many years and have told lots of people about it because it is so wonderful. It works really well and is also part of the healing process for many, when they realize the chemicals in commercial products are not so good for you.

You can go to the website and read all about it yourself HERE

I use the soap in the shower, soaking as a bubble bath, washing the dishes and then I put the dishwater onto the garden because its full of nutrients for the plants. I also wash the dog and it kills fleas and leaves her long hair so lovely and soft people comment all the time.

The Neutralizer Gel is powerful if you get bitten or stung by anything, I carry some with me in case of biteys at the beach or on the track walking to the beach.

And the natural moisturizer is beautiful.

If you want to know more, just ask me. No, I am not selling this myself, just passing on something that is really good for your body.


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