4. Blockage Discovery

Blockage Discovery Profile – Healing Past Emotions

In the first seven years of our life our true feelings are how we relate to the world. During this time our parents or whoever is in our environment act as our intellect to help us interpret our experiences. That’s where many of our problems start because we believe that other people’s interpretation of life is ours and as we go through the cycles of life, these taught interpretations become our emotions – instead of being able to reach our true feelings.

I experienced a great example of this the other day while on the train, a couple sitting behind me were caught in their emotions and arguing around and around in circles about the most stupid and illogical situation where they could not decide if they wanted to see each other that night. 45 minutes later I noticed the woman getting off the train, her eyes were red and her face confused, totally caught in emotion. This is what happens when we cannot identify our true feelings. A true feeling would have been ‘yes, I would love to see you tonight, that feels wonderful’ or ‘I am sorry, I love you but I just need a bit of space tonight’. Sounds simple from another point of view… but for them it was all about what happened last week, how it always happens, how you are always late…

In the Blockage Discovery profile you will identify concepts from the first seven years of your life that have been blocking your spiritual growth and holding you back from fulfillment and success. You don’t need to come up with them yourself, the concept hurting you the most will be identified for you.

Find the difference between your emotions and your true feelings so you can remain loyal to yourself at all times. If you are feeling stuck, this profile can help identify what is holding you back and help you to move forward.

Pre-requisites: None. Orientation Profile is suggested.
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $157


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