7. Personal Thrust and 8. Personal Thrust II

7. Personal Thrust Profile – Your Life Message

Your Personal Thrust is the message you have come to both learn and teach, and is the pivot for everything you do in life. Discover your Personal Thrust to feel inspired about your purpose and find how to make it practical in daily life.

Pre-requisites: None. Orientation Profile is suggested.
Duration: 45 minutes
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $157

8. Personal Thrust II Profile

This profile is a review and goes more in-depth for those who have already received their Spiritual Thrust. Get a detached bigger picture of your thrust and understand how to put it into action. This profile goes deeper into working with your thrust, checking the percentage you use your thrust in your gifts, also finding out where you might experience positive energy or a pitfall in putting your thrust into action. Understand the significance of being on track when you are working from your thrust.

Pre-requisites: Personal Thrust Profile or Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile or Wayshower College Course where you have been given your Personal Thrust by a Certified Consultant.
Duration: 45 minutes
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $157


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