9. Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust

Advanced Profiles 7004Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile – My Purpose

Learn your spiritual thrust for this lifetime and go in-depth to all of the different areas that you have help with. Find the inspiration you need for what you have come to do and find out what tools you have to accomplish it. Get clear information on your purpose and find more meaningful direction by finding how much help you have through inner guidance and the areas that you are supported in. this profile goes into greater details regarding the relationship you have with your guidance in the perspective of your lifetime perspective.

Pre-requisites: Orientation Profile. Blockage Discovery and Balance of Physical and Spiritual Profiles are highly recommended.
Bring: You must bring your original profile sheet, or send to Julie ahead if it is a distance appointment.
Duration: 2 hours
Fee: $260 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $227


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Sessions are available with Julie by appointment in person or by distance in Australia and Worldwide using Zoom or Phone.

I am offering distance consultations in Australia and to any country worldwide for a special fee at this time (listed in red above).

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