Animal Healing Immersion Sessions

Healing for Animals

  • Experience a small group on-line Healing Immersion session especially for animals
  • First activate and experience the healing frequencies in your hands
  • Then work with your animal friend to help them experience the healing frequencies
  • It can be with any animal such as your dog, cat, bird, lizard, mouse, horse, goat, fish etc
  • They can be in the same room as you, on a leash, in a cage etc
  • If it is a horse etc you can work live with them in their stable or outside as long as you have access to zoom
  • You could also do distance healing for an animal and I will show you how to do that
  • They do NOT NEED to sit still, try to get your guinea pig to understand that! It does not matter what they are doing, if they are relaxing in your lap its wonderful, but if they are running around the room trying to escape it is no problem, the healing will still work and I will show you what to do
  • The highest form of this healing is 1:1 so it is best you only have one animal with you. If your kitty has just had a litter and you are wondering if you can still offer the healing, let me know and I will explain how to do it (the answer is yes but lets talk first)
  • There will be the opportunity to share your experience (if you want to) at the end and to ask any questions


Animal Healing

Date: Sunday 19th June 2022
Time: 2pm to 3pm Sydney, Australia time
Fee: $35

On-Line via Zoom – the link will be sent when you register.
**** Please send me the type of animal you will be working with, name and (approx) age before the session.
Please have your camera on for the start of the session.


CREDIT CARD: Pay here $35
BANK TRANSFER: Contact Julie for bank details

*****If you cannot make it at these times I will record the session and work with everyone who has registered. You will receive the recording later and can experience the session in your own timing. Because we are working with animals it would be great if you can join live, but if not, just let me know ahead what your animal is, name and (approx) age.