Inner Harmony Meditation Course

Wayshowers College Course 3090
Department of Profound Mystical Meditation

You cannot control what is happening in the outside world, but you can be in charge of what is happening inside of yourself. As the shift we are experiencing unfolds we need to stay on our personal pivot point and be loyal to ourselves.

This three-hour interactive course will teach you ways to achieve conscious meditation with a technique that is simple yet powerful. You will create your ‘Sea of Tranquility’, a place where you feel at ease, relaxed, calm and is very personal to you. You will learn how you can visit your Sea of Tranquility at any time. You will go into conscious meditation six to seven times during this workshop to gain insights and understanding about your life situations.

Learn about your two natures of intellect and feelings and how they interact with each other. Discover what happens if you are out of balance in either your feelings or intellect. Learn how to change if you are lacking enthusiasm or cutting yourself off from enjoyment and fulfillment in life. Find out what it is like to work with positive, constructive energy and to enjoy everything you do. Experience the feeling of inner freedom and of just being.

You will come back to your real spiritual nature: your true feelings. The more you are in balance with your intellect and feelings, and are in your true feelings, you will live a life of joy, ease and abundance.

Find keys to changing unwanted feelings in your environment and how to change your focus from the pressures around you to feeling unlimited inner freedom. Learn how you can stay organized, compact and directed.

The techniques you will experience include:

  • Spiritual cleansing to move into relaxation at any time to feel inner peace.
  • Learn how to get a keyword to receive insights.
  • Create your own ‘Sea of Tranquility’ meditation.
  • Take trips to your environment in the past and future for insights.
  • Learn how to find solutions for anything that is keeping you from feeling 100% free inside

***Important: This is an interactive on-line course where you will need to have your camera and microphone on. You will be going into short meditations so you will need a private area where you will be mainly undisturbed by family, pets etc If you are not sure if it will work for your situation, please contact Julie to discuss.

Pre-requisite: None
Date: Next course to be advised

On-line via zoom
You will need a notebook and pen to take a few notes
Maximum participants: 12
Fee: $95

To register:
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PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE THE COURSE: Learn how to Spiritually Cleanse and How to Get a Keyword.

Wayshower CollegeJulie has been a Certified Instructor with Wayshowers College for 35 years. It is one of the first Colleges in the world to help you clarify your spiritual life from birth to death and to understand your true life purpose. This course is from the department of Profound Mystical Meditation.