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Wayshower CollegeJulie has over 35 years experience as a Certified Profile Consultant and Instructor with Wayshowers College. It is one of the first Colleges in the world to help you clarify your spiritual life from birth to death and to understand your true life purpose.

Most profiles are a one-hour personal appointment that may be in person or by distance. Each profile includes the profile sheets shown that are filled in with information specifically for you at this time.

Our Core Ethic: If you give a hungry person a fish today, they will be hungry again tomorrow. If you teach a person how to fish, they will have the freedom to use their own resources.

For a full description of all profiles with fees, timing and pre-requisites CLICK HERE.

1. Orientation Profile: Unfold Your Sensitivity and Inner Communication

Everyone is sensitive and is affected by the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are around us. Learn how we communicate through the four areas of feelings, pictures, thoughts and inner knowledge. Investigate your own inner communication and find ways to communicate more clearly with yourself and others. Learn an internal communication system that you can use at any time to trust your own sensitivity. Learn a technique to be able to stay relaxed and clear at all times.


Advanced Profile Swing Update2. Orientation Profile Swing Update

This is an expansion and update of the Orientation Profile. Receive a check-up of where your personal energy and sensitivity is being directed at this time. Identify what happens to your communication when you experience stress or pressure.

This Update Profile that can be taken any time you want to find out where your personal energy is at and how to change it.


Personal Spiritual Regrouping3. Personal Spiritual Regrouping

Sometimes we just don’t know what is wrong or where to start – this profile can help by giving you a clear factual picture of where you are at right now by identifying where there is pressure or confusion.

Learn or review the spiritual cleansing technique to build your buffer to feel 100% cleansed and clear to gain a solid feeling of your inner pivot point and what it feels like to be ‘home’.


4. Blockage Discovery Profile – Healing Past Emotions

In the first seven years of our life our true feelings are how we relate to the world. During this time our parents or whoever is in our environment act as our intellect to help us interpret our experiences. That’s where many of our problems start because we believe that other people’s interpretation of life is ours and as we go through the cycles of life, these taught interpretations become our emotions – instead of being able to reach our true feelings. Find the difference between your emotions and your true feelings so you can remain loyal to yourself at all times.


Advanced Profiles Glandular5. Balance of Physical and Spiritual Profile – Your Energy

Clarify the relationship between the physical and spiritual natures of your life. Look at the thoughts that you have about yourself and how these concepts affect your physical body.

This profile includes a personal growth program that will help you to increase your personal energy levels.


6. Personal Niche Profile – Finding Where You Fit Best

The Niche Profile helps you learn how connected you are with what you came to do. Find your unique energy.


7. Personal Thrust Profile – Your Life Message

Your Personal Thrust is the message you have come to both learn and teach, and is the pivot for everything you do in life.


8. Personal Thrust II Profile

This profile is a review and goes more in-depth for those who have already received their Spiritual Thrust. Get a detached bigger picture of your thrust and understand how to put it into action.


Advanced Profiles 70049. Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile – Your True Purpose

Learn your spiritual thrust for this lifetime and go in-depth to all of the different areas that you have help with. Get clear information on your purpose and find more meaningful direction by finding how much help you have through inner guidance and the areas that you are supported in.


“From my soul and fullness of my beingness, I am deeply grateful for the wisdom you shared with me recently while doing Spiritual Profiling. The guidance has impacted me deeply and forever. It has indeed provided exactly the motivation I need right NOW in my life.” – Renee Coltson, Arizona, USA

More Information

Covid Safe Practice: If you are feeling unwell please schedule a Phone/Zoom appointment rather than in person. I am offering distance consultations in Australia and to any country worldwide for a special fee at this time (listed in red on the Profile Description pages).

For a full description of all profiles with fees, timing and pre-requisites CLICK HERE.