LEARN The Personal Reconnection

RCPPLevel III: The
Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program

Instructed by Julie Jara in Australia and New Zealand


Learn how to facilitate the once-in-a-lifetime experience of The Personal Reconnection so that you can offer it to others. Learn over 100 lines and points that make up the Personal Reconnection process. Evolve and expand your Reconnective Healing work.

This program also reviews and explores in further detail the art, science and philosophy that you were introduced to in the Reconnective Healing Live Immersion and Online Programs.

Julie offers this training for those who are ready to take the next step after completing the Level I and Level II training. This is in a small group so REGISTER EARLY!

Learning Outcome: Upon successful completion of this two-day program and post-requisites you may become a Reconnection-Certified Practitioner, and offer The Personal Reconnection to others.


  • You are a Foundational Practitioner of Reconnective Healing: You have completed the Level 1 Online course and attended the Level 2 Live Immersion training, and have downloaded your certificate.
  • You have received your own Personal Reconnection by an authorized Reconnection-Certified Practitioner.


  • Facilitate in fair exchange and document four Reconnective Healing sessions in person and two Reconnective Healing distance sessions.
  • Schedule a Credentialing Session with an approved mentor 30-days or more after the completion of your RCPP. This session is approximately 30 minutes in length. Successful credentialing requires you to proficiently demonstrate your ability to facilitate The Personal Reconnection without instruction. The fee for Credentialing is $45
  • Re-credentialing with the 30 minute assessment is required every two years to maintain RCPP status. The fee is $45.
  • If you have not practised in a while or need to review some of the lines and points then Mentoring is recommended before you take your assessment.


Dates: to be confirmed as soon as the Level II Reconnective Healing course is set up
Times: 9am to 6pm each day
Fee: $1,280 (fee to be confirmed)
Retake: $725 (fee to be confirmed)
Registrations: If you have taken Level I and Level II Reconnective Healing Training and are interested in learning to facilitate The Personal Reconnection, let me know so I can advise when the training has been scheduled.


Thank you for your superb training over the weekend.  It was intense but I thoroughly enjoyed learning the process to do a Private Reconnection and am looking forward to the journey ahead. You definitely made a complex process easy to learn in a short space of time. I must admit I doubted my capacity to get it all in 2 days but was pleasantly surprised at the end of the weekend when we were doing a practice run how much I had learned. You set a beautiful pace. – Karen Anderson, Business Owner, Maleny, Queensland

Julie was warm, engaging and professional and a beautiful kind, caring soul. At the end of the seminar I felt like I was part of a family. – Karen, Cairns, Queensland

Julie Jara’s teaching and insight of The Reconnection was a wealth of information. Her teaching and explanation are easy to follow. What a great teacher!! – Anna, Cairns, Queensland

Julie has been very approachable and very ‘real’. Her instructions are clear and concise, with real individual attention. – Heather Gargiulo, New Zealand

Julie is a great teacher, she explains each point and makes sure we are doing it correctly. I thoroughly enjoyed retaking the course. – Kay, Manager, Darwin, Northern Territory

 Julie is a phenomenal teacher. She anchors teaching aids throughout her demonstrations, making it easy to remember what you need to know. She is also fun, lively, passionate and committed to this work. It is a real joy to have been taught by her.

Catherine David, Sydney, NSW