Learn Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

You can learn to access the Reconnective Healing Frequencies™ with the 1. Online Essentials Course and the 2. Live Immersion Weekend which is held in countries worldwide including Australia.

Julie is an Associate Instructor and teaches the next step of the work, the 3. Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program to small groups and by request in Australia and Asia/Pacific.


1. Online Essentials Course

Eric Pearl

The Reconnective Healing Online Essentials course is an intimate and dynamic e-Learning experience with Dr. Eric Pearl and Co-instructor Jillian Fleer. You will delve into the principles of Reconnective Healing and the power of these frequencies. You will learn a new approach to feel, follow, interact with and connect to everything and everyone around you. This is an interesting 8 hour training that does require your focused attention and is not something you will want to have on while you cook dinner! You will learn how to work with the frequencies to help yourself, your family and your friends.

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“I’ve been watching the online course of Erics and it’s very very good. I’ve always had and listened to all of the Reconnection’s recorded seminars and talks etc but this new online course is just clearer  – it’s good to be able to stop it and listen to sections and it’s been broken up into smaller pieces which makes it easier to comprehend. Very valuable. There is more being transmitted than just the words being spoken…”
– Annette Angel, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Cairns, Australia 


2. Live Immersion Weekend

This is a live training weekend with Eric Pearl, Jillian Fleer and The Global Teaching Team.

This unforgettable weekend experience emphasizes your ownership of the work, including extensive practice with concentrated time on the massage tables where you will powerfully transform. You will train in distance and holographic healing, participate in the art of receiving and facilitating the Reconnective Healing session experience and explore the science and philosophy. Whether you’re seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience or want to go further and become a Foundational Practitioner yourself, this spectacular life-changing event is for you!

Pre-requisites: Completion of the Online Essentials course (included in the fee), have received an in-person Reconnective Healing Session from a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner.

2018 North American Training:

Los Angeles May 4-6
Mexico May 25-27
Orlando August 3-5
Denver Sept. 7-9
Chicago November 9-11

2019 Australia Training:

A Live Immersion Training is about to be confirmed in Australia for early 2019. DETAILS COMING SOON!!!!! If you dont want to wait that long to take your training, I suggest you look at the North American Training in 2018.

Get further information and Register

I am an Ambassador for the North American and Australian Training. Contact me if you have ANY questions about the training, travel, accommodation, payments or if you would like assistance to register. I am happy to help you. Please go to The Reconnection website first for details of times, venues and fees, including early registration deadlines. In your registration process please select: Register through: *Julie Jara

Find the Live Immersion Weekends scheduled worldwide and register HERE.


Upgrade from the Online Essentials Course to the Live Immersion Weekend

If you purchase and complete the Online Essentials Course and afterwards decide you would like to attend one of the live weekends, you can upgrade for a special fee.  Find the upgrade fees HERE.


3. The Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program

The ReconnectionJulie offers this training in small groups for those who have taken Reconnective Healing training and are ready to take the next step. Evolve and expand your Reconnective Healing practice by learning to facilitate the once-in-a-lifetime experience of The Personal Reconnection for others. Pre-requisites: You must be a Foundational Practitioner of Reconnective Healing and have received your own Personal Reconnection.

Next Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program:
Location: Australia, New Zealand or Indonesia
Dates: To be scheduled in 2018
Times: 9am to 6pm each day
Fee: (TBA, the 2017 fee was $1,320 AUD)
Retake Fee: (TBA, the 2017 fee was $747 AUD)
Registration: Please contact Julie if you are interested in this training which is held in small groups and on request.


Julie is a phenomenal teacher. She anchors teaching aids throughout her demonstrations, making it easy to remember what you need to know. She is also fun, lively, passionate and committed to this work. It is a real joy to have been taught by her. – Catherine David, Sydney


Julie was warm, engaging and professional and a beautiful kind, caring soul. At the end of the seminar I felt like I was part of a family. – Karen, Cairns


Julie Jara’s teaching and insight of The Reconnection was a wealth of information. Her teaching and explanation are easy to follow. What a great teacher!! – Anna, Cairns


Julie has been very approachable and very ‘real’. Her instructions are clear and concise, with real individual attention. – Heather Gargiulo, New Zealand


Julie is a great teacher, she explains each point and makes sure we are doing it correctly. I thoroughly enjoyed retaking the course. – Kay, Manager, Northern Territory


The Reconnection Training