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Consulting Sessions


Each profile includes the information sheets shown here that are filled in with details specifically for you at this time. We can meet in person or do the sessions by distance – Zoom is great so I can show you the techniques.

1. Orientation Profile: Gifts and Guidance

This is a one hour profile where you learn about your spiritual energy, your communication through the 4 perceptions and personal guidance. You are shown a spiritual cleansing technique and a technique to help you develop two-way communication. Once you have this information, you can use it for the rest of your life!
  • Have you been looking for a feeling of deeper connection with your inner spirit?
  • Do you receive intuitive insights but want to know how you can trust what you receive?
  • Do you want a simple method to instantly clear and ground yourself?

Gifts and Guidance Profile SheetsIn this comprehensive one hour profile you will be shown:

  • Your Four Gifts and how to trust your first impressions based on your first gift
  • A checkup of where your energy is at right now
  • Your Personal Inner Communication with a technique to help you develop a clear two-way communication with your inner spirit to help clarify any questions you have
  • Learn a technique you can use every day to move to a higher level to stay relaxed and clear at all times.
  • This technique will cleanse your energy to cut through any negativity or depression to feel crystal clear in an instant.

This is like no other experience, you do not have to answer any questions, a personal profile sheet is filled out with information that is specific to you at this time. This Profile is a pre-requisite to most of the other profiles.

Pre-requisites: None
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $220 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $197
A personally customized profile sheet with information specific to you, a sheet with descriptions of the 4 Gifts, a reminder sheet with all the details that are discussed so you do not need to take notes during this session.

Optional Workbook: Connect with Inner Guidance – free postage when purchased with the profile: $20


Advanced Profile Swing Update2. Orientation Profile Swing Update

This is an update and expansion of the Gifts and Guidance Profile.

Receive a check-up of where your personal energy and sensitivity is being directed at this time. Identify what happens to your communication when you experience stress or pressure. Release any outside pressures that may have been effecting you and learn to use the natural sensitivity that you were born with.

This Update Profile that can be taken any time you want to find out where your personal energy is at and how to change it.

Pre-requisites: Orientation Profile. You must send a copy of your original profile sheet to Julie before your appointment.
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $149


3. Blockage Discovery Profile

Healing emotions we have carried with us from the past.

In the first seven years of our life our true feelings are how we relate to the world. During this time our parents or the people in our environment act as our intellect to help us interpret our experiences. That’s where many of our problems start because we believe that other people’s interpretation of life is ours and as we go through the cycles of life, these taught interpretations become our emotions – instead of being able to reach our true feelings.

In the Blockage Discovery profile you will identify concepts from the first seven years of your life that have been blocking your spiritual growth and holding you back from fulfillment and success. You don’t need to come up with them yourself, the concept hurting or effecting you the most will be identified for you.

Find the difference between your emotions and your true feelings so you can remain loyal to yourself at all times. If you are feeling stuck, this profile can help identify what is holding you back and help you to move forward.

Pre-requisites: Orientation Profile
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $147

Advanced Profiles Glandular4. Balance in the Glandular System Profile

Clarify the relationship between the physical and spiritual natures of your life.

Look at the thoughts that you have about yourself and how these concepts affect your physical body. You may experience physical symptoms that are simply showing you that something is out of balance, is a concept you have taken on as your truth when it is really someone elses or you may feel that your energy levels are low. None of this is normal and it can be changed!

You will be given the percentages of energy flowing through each of your glandular centres and find where the most pressure is right now, and how this is effecting you.

This profile includes a personal growth program that you can do at home that will help you to increase your personal energy levels.

Pre-requisites: Orientation Profile, Blockage Discovery Profile
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $147

Personal Spiritual Regrouping5. Personal Regrouping

Sometimes we just don’t know what is wrong or where to start – this profile can help by giving you a clear factual picture of where you are at right now by identifying where there is pressure or confusion.

You will receive a special profile sheet in the areas of SPIRITUAL, ORGANISATION, PHYSICAL and DIRECTION, giving you a greater understanding of these areas in your life.

This personal profile will show you where they may be influences creating confusion and stress for you.

You will take a look and regroup some of the basic concepts that gives an anchor for this confusion. This will allow distance between yourself and the confusion to give you a solid feeling of your inner pivot point.

This will enable you to be more yourself, in your true feelings and will help you to make clearer decisions of where you want to be in the future doing what you came to do this lifetime.

Strengthen your loyalty and responsibility as you realise the importance of releasing these concepts and being true to yourself.

Learn or review the spiritual cleansing technique to build your buffer to feel 100% cleansed and clear to gain a solid feeling of your inner pivot point and what it feels like to be ‘home’.

Pre-requisites: Orientation Profile
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $147


6. Personal Niche Profile

The Niche Profile helps you learn how connected you are with what you came to do.

Find your unique energy: Spearhead, Builder or Consolidator and your Vibration: Administration, Promotion or Facilitation. This experience will help you to clarify your material avocation versus your profession and how you can live more fully in your niche.

Pre-requisites: None. Orientation Profile is suggested.
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $147

7. Personal Thrust Profile

Your life message and purpose.

Your Personal Thrust is the message you have come to both learn and teach, and is the pivot for everything you do in life. Discover your Personal Thrust to feel inspired about your purpose and find how to make it practical in daily life.

Pre-requisites: None. Orientation Profile is suggested.
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $147

8. Personal Thrust II Profile

This profile is a review and goes more in-depth for those who have already received their Spiritual Thrust.

Get a detached bigger picture of your thrust and understand how to put it into action. This profile goes deeper into working with your thrust, checking the percentage you use your thrust in your gifts, also finding out where you might experience positive energy or a pitfall in putting your thrust into action. Understand the significance of being on track when you are working from your thrust.

Pre-requisites: Personal Thrust Profile or Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile or Wayshower College Course where you have been given your Personal Thrust by a Certified Consultant.
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $147

Advanced Profiles 70049. Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile

Learn your spiritual thrust for this lifetime and learn in-depth information of all of the different areas that you have help with.

Find the inspiration you need for what you have come to do and find out what tools you have to accomplish it. Get clear information on your purpose and find more meaningful direction by finding how much help you have through inner guidance and the areas that you are supported in. This profile goes into greater details regarding the relationship you have with your inner guidance in the perspective of your lifetime perspective.

Pre-requisites: Orientation Profile. You must send a copy of your original profile sheet to Julie before your appointment. Blockage Discovery and Balance of Physical and Spiritual Profiles are highly recommended.
Duration: 2 hours
Fee: $260 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $217


“From my soul and fullness of my beingness, I am deeply grateful for the wisdom you shared with me recently while doing Spiritual Profiling. The guidance has impacted me deeply and forever. It has indeed provided exactly the motivation I need right NOW in my life.” – Renee Coltson, Arizona, USA