Movie night: Thrive II

Thrive II: This is What it Takes

I am over excited about this documentary, and want to share it with you.

It goes into the Unified Field and Consciousness with Nassim Haramein, how we can access free energy (as in electricity) and healing technologies and how they BOTH use the same principals of VIBRATION, FREQUENCY AND RESONANCE.

It discusses how to move between brainwave states to access the field in meditation and prayer, breakthroughs in medical research and why you don’t know about them!, and features some known researchers such as Bruce Lipton, Dr Todd, Gregg Braden, and is produced and hosted by Foster and Kimberley Gamble.

Kimberley travelled the world investigating multiple healing modalities including cancer treatments and transforming consciousness. It also looks into the difference between supressing symptoms and true healing.

The information brings a more exciting and compelling future than what is being currently peddled by both mainstream and alternative media, although it does address what is REALLY going on.

See how science and spirituality combines to bring us into a United Field and brings hope of a positive potential future for us all.

Where and When:

Cabarita (just below the Qld Border):
Sunday 6 December 4pm to 6pm

St Leonards, Sydney:
Friday 11 December 6pm to 8pm

How to book:

Because of current distancing requirements we can only take a limited number in each viewing, so I ask that you register with a $10 donation to secure your place. Click on the buttons to pay with PayPal or Credit Card, or let me know if you prefer to do a bank transfer and I will send you the details.

This evening is open to everyone, bring your partner and friends. It will be great to get together and learn this new information that could change our world!