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New Spiritual Horizons LogoNew Spiritual Horizons™ is the discovery, study and experience of THE REAL YOU offering tools to tap into your inner guidance, your spiritual gifts and your innate abilities.




The Real You free talk orients you to the big picture of what is happening in your life and environment. It will re-acquaint you with who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. Learn about your life purpose, spiritual gifts, the difference between feelings and emotions, cycles of life and communication with spiritual guidance.

Experience a technique to help you shift to a higher level to stay relaxed and clear at all times. This technique will cleanse your energy to cut through any negativity or depression to feel crystal clear in an instant.

Even if you may have explored aspects of these topics previously, this presentation fills in the gaps to pull it all together.

This free talk is open to everyone with advance registration below.

Julie Jara LogoPresented in Sydney, March 2020 by Teresa and Tom Shantz from TNT Spiritworks and Julie Jara from New Frequency Healing


Program: The Real You
Date: Saturday 21 March 2020
Time: 9am to 10am
Location: Awareness Institute, Level 1, 28 Chandos St, St Leonards, NSW, Australia
Pre-Requisites: None, this free talk is open to everyone
Fee: FREE with advance registration
Register with Julie by email:

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