New Spiritual Horizons

Wayshower CollegeNew Spiritual Horizons™ programs are presented by Julie Jara through the Wayshowers College; one of the first colleges in the world to help you clarify your spiritual life from birth to death and understand what you have come to accomplish while you are here. It is a college of experience.

These programs help you feel secure with your inner direction, your natural sensitivity and your two-way communication with the higher spirit. It is for people just like you who desire to clearly understand their true nature, their life purpose and their relationship to the universe without the influence of dogma or theology.

New Spiritual Horizons offers you:

  • The Real You Presentation
  • Discover Your New Spiritual Horizons Technique Workshop
  • Spiritual Expansion Group Sessions
  • Spiritual Profile Consultations
  • New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Intensive
  • In-Depth Expansion Courses

New Spiritual Horizons LogoThe Real You Presentation


New Spiritual HorizonsOpen the door to discovering your real home, spiritual gifts, psychic sensitivity, balance between your physical and spiritual worlds, inner guidance, seven year cycles and find your true purpose in life.

Many people who come to The Real You Presentation say they are glad to hear this information organized in such a simple and easy to understand format, and that it gives a lot of clarity to questions they have had for a long time.

As an added bonus you will experience sensitivity techniques to feel your own energy vibration, learn how to see an aura and experience a technique where you can instantly cleanse and relax in any situation.

The Real You is presented as a 1.5 hour program as an introduction to New Spiritual Horizons and is open to everyone. I would love you to join us and find out what it is all about.

Do you want to teach others? You can start to teach this work from your very first involvement, and there is a step by step program to help you do this. I still remember how excited I was when I heard the information in this presentation and I raced home to give my very first lecture that night by sharing it with a group of friends. It changed my entire life, and it may change yours too.

Pre-requisite: None
Timing: 1.5 hours
Fee: $25

If you have a group of 5 or more who might be interested contact Julie to have these programs scheduled in your area, for your family, friends, organization, company etc.

New Spiritual Horizons LogoDiscover Your New Spiritual Horizons Technique Workshop

Discover Your New Spiritual Horizons

Discover Your New Spiritual Horizons is a three hour interactive workshop where you will experience for yourself some of the concepts you heard about at The Real You presentation.

  • Redefine your true identity – The Real You.
  • Learn how to sense your own and others energy fields.
  • Feel the power of being true to yourself and learn about your three loyalties.
  • Find ways to return to your true feelings any time you get caught in your intellect or confusion.
  • Get a bigger picture of your life and your plan while where on planet earth by getting an expanded view of your true nature and purpose.
  • Experience eight different sensitivity techniques that will give you ways to discern and work with energy in your daily life.
  • Learn to magnetize your future to attract what you want. You will be amazed at what you can do when you tap into and learn how to direct energy.

“You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul” – Dr Francisco Coll

Pre-requisite: The Real You Presentation
Timing: 3 hours

Fee: $85

New Spiritual HorizonsSpiritual Expansion Group Sessions

New Spiritual Horizons GroupIn an atmosphere of relaxed sharing and technique experiences, you will know the joy of self-respect, inner leadership and working together to help everyone in the group.  You will begin a routine that keeps you uplifted and magnetized with happy and positive energy throughout your day. You will feel refreshed with a renewed outlook on your life and your abilities to meet your needs and accomplish your life goals.

Pre-requisite: Discover Your New Spiritual Horizons Technique Workshop
Timing: 12x sessions of 2 hours
Fee: $25 per session or $240 for 12 sessions

New Spiritual HorizonsAwaken Your Intuition and Connect with Inner Guidance Workshop

How often do you have hunches about something that turns out to be true; and you wish you had paid more attention? Do you have intuitive ability but are not sure how to use it effectively or do you feel that you are not always able to control of it?

Have you been communicating with your Angels – Guides – Helpers – Source – and wish you could receive clear answers back?

Do you have trouble making decisions and wish you could feel greater confidence in trusting yourself?

This is a comprehensive workshop of your personal communication system of your four psychic gifts: Prophecy, Vision, Intuition and Feeling. Personal inner guidance will be explained to you and you will be instructed in techniques to help you develop a clear two-way communication to receive your own answers.

This workshop is also great as a RETAKE. If you have had this as a Profile or taken the workshop previously and you will be given further information on the percentages you have unfolded your spiritual gifts and what happens when you get under pressure, an update on your energy percentages and information on any additional guides you may have helping you at this time. You must bring your original profile sheet with you.

Imagine how it will feel to never doubt yourself or your decisions again!

Pre-requisite: None. The Real You presentation is recommended.
Timing: One Day
Fee: $249
Includes: Personalized Profile Sheets are included for you to take home with you.

This is also available as a one hour private consultation. CLICK HERE

New Spiritual HorizonsNew Spiritual Horizons Submersion Intensive

New Spiritual HorizonsThe Submersion experience allows you to explore your spiritual growth in weekend or week long intensive. You will be experiencing practical techniques, back to back, and sharing in your group, which is like swimming in an ocean of healing, insights and love. Gain a feeling of celebration for accomplishing so much growth in such a short amount of time. Experience a new level of self-respect that will help you stand mountain to mountain with others. When you begin to look inside, that is when real and permanent change happens.

Pre-requisite: None
Timing: Two Days
Fee: $365
Early Registration Offer: $295

New Spiritual Horizons LogoIn-Depth Expansion Courses


3090 Experience My Inner Harmony

In this course you will be introduced to the tranquil vibration within all of us. You will receive an overview of the balance between the intellect and feeling natures. You will become aware of how you analyze and dissect things, and how you reject your own harmony by buying into “should” and “should nots” in your environment. You will discover the results of using your intellectual nature in a positive way to reach your goals, and work more from the inner and then the outer. By the end of the course you will have a stronger sense of being reverent to your inner harmony within. Becoming connected with your “Sea of Tranquility” will set you free!

Pre-requisite: None
Timing: 3 hours

Fee: $95


3095 Mystical Intuition – Balanced and Out of Balance

Get in touch with your Intuitive (Clairaudient) psychic perception. Find out the balanced and out-of-balance traits of this sensitivity and spiritual gift we all have. Regroup your inner motivation from strengthening your inner loyalty and intuitive self-respect. Clarify the qualities that help you be clear and decisive about your life.

Pre-requisite: None
Timing: 3 hours

Fee: $95


3096 Mystical Vision – Balanced and Out of Balance

See how your mystical perception of Vision (Clairvoyance) communicates when in balance or out-of-balance. Find out how people with the first sensitivity and spiritual gift of Vision motivate themselves and others, and how they react under pressure. Experience techniques to unfold your Visionary perception in a balanced way.

Pre-requisite: None
Timing: 3 hours

Fee: $95


3097 Mystical Prophecy – Balanced and Out of Balance

Know how your mystical perception of Prophecy communicates when in balance or out-of-balance. Find out how people with the first sensitivity and spiritual gift of Prophecy motivate themselves and others, and how they react under pressure, or put pressure on others. Experience techniques to unfold your Prophetic perception in a positive and balanced way.

Pre-requisite: None
Timing: 3 hours

Fee: $95


3098 Mystical Feeling – Balanced and Out of Balance

Feel how your mystical perception of Feeling (Empathy) communicates when in balance or out-of-balance. Find out how people with the first sensitivity and spiritual gift of Feeling motivate themselves and others, and how they react under pressure, or put pressure on others. Experience techniques to unfold your Feeling perception in a balanced way for greater fulfillment.

Pre-requisite: None
Timing: 3 hours

Fee: $95


I learnt about ‘real me’, that I am a ‘soul with body, not a body with a soul’, I am a spiritual being and can become a leader of myself and not worrying about people’s opinions. I’m going to use spiritual cleansing technique more often and ask my guides for guidance, trust what I receive and let go of fear. I’m going to be more aware of my thoughts, words and reactions and use my intuition in everything I do. Learning so many great techniques which will support me in my spiritual development journey. – Daniela, Gold Coast


What will I do differently in my life? Use the techniques, call on my guides more on a daily basis. – Val, Sydney


What I enjoyed most about the weekend was the openness of all the participants. – Rhonda, Nowra


I enjoyed being part of an interactive group and making new friends. – Ann, Canberra


My objective was to refresh, refine and deepen my direction and commitment to my spiritual growth, especially in seeking help from my guidance. – Delphine, Tasmania