3. Personal Spiritual Regrouping

Personal Spiritual Regrouping

Sometimes we just don’t know what is wrong or where to start – this profile can help by giving you a clear factual picture of where you are at right now by identifying where there is pressure or confusion.

You will receive a special profile sheet in the areas of SPIRITUAL, ORGANISATION, PHYSICAL and DIRECTION, giving you a greater understanding of these areas in your life.

This personal profile will show you where they may be influences creating confusion and stress in each of these areas.

You will take a look and regroup some of the basic concepts that gives an anchor for this confusion. This will allow distance between yourself and the confusion to give you a solid feeling of your inner pivot point.

This will enable you to be more yourself, in your true feelings and will help you to make clearer decisions of where you want to be in the future doing what you came to do this lifetime.

Strengthen your loyalty and responsibility as you realise the importance of releasing these concepts and being true to yourself.

Learn or review the spiritual cleansing technique to build your buffer to feel 100% cleansed and clear to gain a solid feeling of your inner pivot point and what it feels like to be ‘home’.

Pre-requisites: Orientation Profile
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $180 Distance Consultation Special Offer: $157


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I am offering distance consultations in Australia and to any country worldwide for a special fee at this time (listed in red above.

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