Reconnective Healing Practitioner Retreat

Live-in retreat where you will find your passion and skills in your work, give your business a boost, practice healing with others.

Module 1: Setting up a Healing Practice

Go into the basics or advanced requirements of starting a healing practice and professional business. Business cards, brochures, clinic space, massage table, website, legal requirements and more. Send me a list of questions you have before the retreat so that these areas can be discussed.

Module 2: Marketing Keys for a Long Term Business

One of the questions I am asked the most is how to market yourself, how to get the clients to your door. I have heaps of promotional ideas from my 35 years in practice and one of the biggest tips I can give you is to think about it as a long term venture. Identify the areas that are going to excite and work for you and get a list of many ideas for the future.

Module 3: Gaining Confidence as a Healer

Share and discuss healing stories and your experiences to find your own passion and direction as a healer. Look at ways you feel good about moving forward. Everyone has their own personal path and is already a master at what they came to do, feel free to step onto that path. Experience practice sessions on the massage table with others.

Module 4: Speaking about Reconnective Healing

Sometimes one of the most difficult things is to explain what Reconnective Healing is and what service you offer to potential clients. Find resources to help you to develop your own personal story. Practice your initial talk to get interest and your follow up 2 minute elevator talk. Move on to an in-depth 5 minute conversation up to a 15 minute presentation. Practice introducing the work to clients to feel comfortable any time you have an opportunity to share.

Module 5: Working with Animals, Children, Plants, Distance Sessions, Self Healing

This is where we expand to look at all the different ways we can offer healing to your family, friends, pets, children and clients who are waiting for you to offer your service.


I really felt it was the missing link between the seminar and getting started in your own practice. A great follow up with an immense amount of support. Thank you Julie for running these follow up workshops, they make the difference between me doing a seminar and me doing this work as a business. – Vanessa van der Werff, Case Worker, Muscular Dystrophy Queensland and Reconnective Healing Practitioner