Reconnective Healing® Mentoring Workshop

This small group workshop is open to those who have taken the On-Line Level I and Live Level II training in Reconnective Healing.

Now, more then ever we need to be stepping into the healing work we have been called to do. Healing is going to be needed in the upcoming months and years for many awakening to a new level of consciousness.

If you feel you are called to do this work, now is the time to step up.

Many people have taken the Level I and II training and if you have not felt comfortable jumping into offering healing right away, or if the timing did not work for you at that time, it can be a bit daunting when you are wanting to start.

Julie has been offering healing to clients since 2004, as well as taking intensive training from Eric Pearl and The Reconnection to become a Practitioner Mentor, Teaching Assistant and Associate Instructor – with the aim of helping others to offer this work to their own clients.

Topics of this workshop include:

  • review the work
  • the difference between Reconnective Healing and Energy Healing
  • “receive, don’t send” message from The Reconnection Book
  • working with clients and best practice
  • set up your practice
  • marketing your practice
  • how to do self healing
  • offering distance healing
  • business questions
  • working with family and friends
  • working with children
  • working with animals
  • any questions that you have

You will also facilitate a Reconnective Healing for each other as part of the workshop.

The Reconnection Team Melbourne 2019What: Reconnective Healing Mentoring Workshop
When: 3 hours
Fee: $250
Register: Click on the PayPal buttons on this page to pay with PayPal or Credit Card. Contact Julie to pay with Bank Transfer.
Bring: Notepad and pen.