Spiritual Regrouping 2022 “Floodgates” Course

We are all busy, so if you cannot make it to the live course in Sydney or on zoom, you can watch it on-line in your own timing. I will put it on my YouTube Channel and send you the link when you register.

We have a need to regroup ourselves on the path we have chosen in our life. The need is even greater in 2022 to be prepared for what is coming. We need to know where we have come from, where we are, and where we are going.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading” Lao Tzu

This is a 3.5 hour regrouping workshop where you will work with clarifying your inner communication so that you feel confident to receive insights into situations you encounter in your daily life. You will learn several cleansing techniques to keep your energy high. There are 9 techniques through the course.

You can attend 3 ways:

  • Live event in Sydney 2pm – 5.30pm
  • Via Zoom 9.30am – 1pm
  • On-line recording – in your own timing

Some of the areas we will cover:

  • Insights from Spirit: Learn how to get a keyword for every opportunity you encounter to find solutions, and have clear direction for yourself.
  • Inner loyalty: Identify what is you and what is not you.
  • Find out what happens when its “time to go home” the questions you will be regrouped on for your life evaluation with spirit.
  • Learn a spiritual cleansing technique. For those who already have learnt this in the Orientation Profile or courses, we will be learning how to take this deeper.
  • Experience a small group technique where you receive insights from others about this year.
  • Receive a Keyword that is relevant to your life now and experience a meditation on that keyword.
  • Experience a cleansing security circle to clear yourself, your environment, and the world around you.

Wayshowers College

“Happiness, success and abundance are already yours. All you need to do is become a master of yourself”. Dr Francisco Coll, founder of Wayshowers College

Wayshowers College is one of the first colleges in the world to help you clarify your spiritual life from birth to death and understand what you have come to accomplish while you are here. Dr Francisco Coll spearheaded the field of spiritual research and education for over 50 years.

As part of his work Francisco held an ‘International Regrouping’ every year at his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to help people to stay solid on their pivot point. After his passing in 1999, his son Tiger Coll continued his work and holds a yearly regrouping (usually in exotic beach locations) around the world. This year, I attended a follow up program presented by Tiger via Zoom and I am passing on some of the information that Tiger shared in this program. I know you will enjoy it!

Julie is a Certified Spiritual Consultant and Instructor with Wayshowers College. She has helped many people develop their own inner communication as a part of daily life, to feel confident to receive insights from spirit, helping them to stay organized and on track with their life.

Date: Sunday 3rd July 2022
1. 9.30am to 1pm (Sydney, Australia time) via Zoom
2. 2pm to 5.30pm live in Kurnell, Sydney

3. Recording: I will send you a link to the on-line version of the regrouping on YouTube.


Fee: $75
Early Registration Offer by 30 June $47

arly Registration Offer: $47 PAY HERE
PAYPAL: paypal.me/JulieJara
BANK TRANSFER: Contact Julie for bank details

Watch a video with more information about the regrouping HERE.

This is another video showing you how to do the Spiritual Cleansing Technique. This is the starting point for the regrouping and would be great to watch and practice before the day.

Wayshowers College

Wayshowers College
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