Introducing New Frequency Healing

What is Reconnective Healing®?

True holistic healing is a return to balance in your life. This in turn may bring about the healing you desire. Every health or life challenge seems to be a combination of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional issues; and often more. A Reconnective Healing practitioner offers you the opportunity to bring back balance as a catalyst in the process. Read more about Reconnective Healing…

What is The Personal Reconnection™?

The Personal Reconnection utilizes the same frequencies of Reconnective Healing, reconnecting you to a timeless system of intelligence, to our evolution. It is often described as being in flow, as we begin to make new choices on our life path, expanding to the highest potential of our true path and purpose. Read more about The Personal Reconnection…

Healing for Everyone

Many people do not know what to expect when they come in for a healing session. Some have heard about Reconnective Healing, been referred by a friend, may have seen a presentation live or on YouTube, or read the book: The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. If you are looking for answers, if you feel out of balance in your life, have dis-ease; have emotional ups and downs, stress, depression, are not happy with your life path or relationships, this might help to bring balance back into your life.

Some people who see Julie for healing sessions have tried everything else and have found this as the last resort. Many of the healings for people, as well as pets, have been life changing. You can read some of the stories from clients on my Blog here…

Healing for Pets: Animal Mentors

Julie loves working with animals and Reconnective Healing can help your pets, assistance, performance or native animals. The difference with animals is that they dont think about the healing, they feel and notice the healing frequencies and simply shift to a new level. Read more…

Personal or Distance Appointments with Julie Jara

Happy New Year 2019Appointments are available in Cronulla or St Leonards in Sydney, Australia or by distance to any country worldwide. Contact Julie for bookings. Find clinic details HERE.

Phone Julie on 0403 312 316  International +61 403 312 316
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Healing for you, your family and your pets.

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