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Feel the Frequencies Meditation: Be the Light


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True healing is a return to balance. Reconnective Healing® is a new paradigm in energy healthcare that can help shift your life back into balance with Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Healing. It offers you the opportunity of healing in what is often a life changing process. If you are feeling unwell, are stressed about your current situation, are picking up on the group fear (which many are) I highly recommend Reconnective Healing which is working with energy, light and information. Darkness is absence of light, lets let our lights shine. Are you ready for change? Read more…

Animal Mentor Healing

Julie loves working with animals and Reconnective Healing can help your pets, assistance, performance or native animals. The difference with animals is that they don’t think about the healing, they feel and notice the healing frequencies and simply shift to a new level. Read more…

Learn Reconnective Healing

Level I: The Portal On-Line Essentials Course is an eight module interactive experience where you will learn how to do Reconnective Healing for yourself, your family and your pets. Take advantage of this special double discount I can offer you until 30th April 2020. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

April 2020 Offers: Personal Coaching

Spiritual Profiles help you clarify your life and to understand your true life purpose. I am offering a special 5 week program of personal appointments by zoom/skype/phone. DETAILS HERE

NSH March 2020How can you trust yourself?

We are all connected and tune into the thoughts and feelings of people and the environment around is. How do you learn to check what you are receiving so you can trust yourself 100% ? CLICK HERE TO WATCH


Change your focus to change your frequency NOW!

Check in with yourself: What are you focusing on right now? Are you feeling a bit tense or are you relaxed? What we are tuning into right now is going to effect the rest of our lives. There is a big shift happening and we knew it was coming! We need to move to this new frequency level now. You cant wait any longer. Change your focus to change your frequency NOW! CLICK HERE TO WATCH


What is you and what is not you? Are you picking up on the fear?

I made this little video message after I had a very difficult night last week, maybe you are also experiencing the same thing? Find out what it is and what you can do about it. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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