Welcome to a New Paradigm in Health and Wellbeing

I help you to shift your frequency, accessing a higher level of health and wellbeing. We go beyond energy healing, helping you to get back into balance in body, mind and spirit, without the need for diagnosis.

As a member of the International Teaching Team with The Reconnection® and a Practitioner for 18 years, Julie helped many people to find healing, purpose and regain balance in their lives.

Julie offers Reconnective Healing® and The Personal Reconnection® to adults, children and also loves working with your pets to help them to heal. She offers sessions by distance, as well as personal appointments.

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Listen to an Explanation and Experience
The New Frequencies of Healing

Watch a demonstration of healing with two clients


Free Phone Consultation

Julie offers a free 5-15 minute phone consultation to discuss your situation, any questions you may have and if this healing is right for you, your family and/or your pets. A full one hour consultation is available by appointment in Cronulla or Sydney CBD, as well as by distance. Fill out the enquiry form HERE

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