Distance Healing

Many people have reported beautiful and amazing healing experiences with Reconnective Healing by distance. You are able to relax in your own space and its perfect for those who do not want or are not able to travel to see a practitioner, or who live in remote locations.

How do we do the session?

We make a time to suit both of us and I usually phone to make sure you are ready. We hang up the phone or skype and I work with you as if you were in my clinic. We talk afterward to debrief the session where I will ask you what you experienced.

This is approximately a one hour appointment. I will call you at the time we make the appointment for and ask if you have any questions. We then hang up and it is a 30 minute session, the same as in person. I usually leave 5 minutes afterwards to make sure you are ready and then give you a call to debrief.

Distance healing for others

You may also want to request a distance healing for another person. It may be your partner, child, friend, brother or sister, relative, work colleague. In this case we usually set up which day the healing will be on and the person may or may not be aware that the healing is happening.