Distance Healing

Many people have reported beautiful and amazing healing experiences with Reconnective Healing by distance. You are able to relax in your own space and its perfect for those who do not want or are not able to travel, or who live in remote locations. It is suitable for adults, children and animals.

Distance Healing

How do we do the session?

We make a time to suit both of us and I usually phone to make sure you are ready. We hang up and I work with you as if you were in my clinic. We talk afterward to debrief the session where I will ask you what you experienced.

You need to have a place where you can relax, it does not need to be a massage table, it may be a lounge, bed or even a comfortable chair.

Make sure you will not be disturbed during the session, lock your door or put a ‘do not disturb’ sign up, turn off phones and let anyone who is in your home know that you will not be available for a while. If you do get disturbed, your child cries, the cat wants to join in, its perfectly fine, the healing will still continue regardless, but you want to be as relaxed as possible.

How long does it take?

This is approximately a one hour appointment. I will call you at the time we make the appointment for and ask if you have any questions and if you are ready. We then hang up and it is a 30 minute session, the same as in person. I usually leave 5 minutes afterwards to make sure you are ready and then give you a call to debrief.

You might want to set your alarm for 30 minutes if you are worried you will not want to wake up, but this is also OK if you want to sleep afterwards, we can talk another time and I suggest you might take some notes of what you noticed.

Distance healing for others

You may also want to request a distance healing for another person. It may be your partner, child, friend, brother or sister, relative, work colleague. In this case we usually set up which day the healing will be on and the person may or may not be aware that the healing is happening. We offer the healing, then let it go.

How does it work?

Some people find it a strange concept that the healing can work just as well at a distance, even around the world. Reconnective Healing is not energy healing, it does not require me to be a certain distance from my client. I am connecting to the field, to the infinite source of healing and with focus on my client, you also are in that field.

I did a fun distance healing experiment once when I was teaching a class of practitioners. The client had a very sick dog. We spoke on the phone and while we usually hang up while we do the healing, we stayed talking on the phone. One of the practitioners in the class focused on doing a distance healing for the dog, while the owner observed. She said she saw the ‘registers’ happen immediately, the dogs eyes started moving around, its face was twitching and it then laid down and went into a very relaxed sleep. The owner said she was amazed at seeing all this, it was not the normal movements and behaviour for her dog at all.

In person or by distance?

Sometimes you may feel unsure about this working for you and often clients will prefer to have a session in person for the first time, then feel more secure with distance healing for the second and third sessions. I have found amazing healings happen with both, we seem to be moving beyond time and space when we work with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies.


Distance Healing $150

Contact Julie to book your appointment. Payment may be made with PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash.

As with any Reconnective Healing Practitioner, we can’t make any promises or guarantees. I can’t promise if your results will come in the form you are desiring or anticipating, if they will happen immediately or later, if they will make themselves known to you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise. If they will make sense to you or not or if you will notice anything at all. If that’s alright with you, I welcome you to schedule your Reconnective Healing Session/s and The Personal Reconnection.


Distance Healing