The Personal Reconnection Mentoring and Credentialing

RCCPAfter you have successfully completed Level III: The Personal Reconnection Training you need to practice for a minimum of 30 days before taking a Credentialing Assessment to become a Certified Practitioner. This qualifies you to offer The Personal Reconnection to others.

In the assessment you will demonstrate your ability to facilitate the lines and points The Personal Reconnection without instruction and without your notes. As well as knowing the position of all the lines and points, you need to be accurate and have focus with the work. (I often suggest it is similar to acupuncture where you need to know exactly where the needles are placed, at what angle etc. but of course we do not use needles or these positions.) I will call out the numbers in order e.g. 9 Diagonal Lines: 1, 2, 3 etc as you demonstrate them.

Mentoring is also highly recommended before you do your Credentialing if you have not practiced in a while and regularly, or are unsure of any of the lines and points, as the pass mark is 100% accuracy.

  • You must bring someone with you to lay on the massage table
  • Bring your diagrams to be checked
  • If it is your FIRST Credentialing after your Level III Training you need to bring the list of 4 in-person and 2 distance healing sessions you have completed
  • Re-Credentialing is required every 2 years with this $45 assessment

Credentialing only – 30 minutes: $45 This is recommended for those who have recently completed their training or have been in practice and feel secure that they know all of the lines and points 100%.

30 minute Review plus Credentialing: $150 This is recommended for those who feel that they know the work but would like a short review before their assessment to make sure they are 100% accurate with the work. Ask questions about any of the lines and points and receive corrections where you may need refinements.

60 minute Review plus Credentialing: $225 This is if you know you need to go over some of the lines and points, if you need to re-learn some of the process or if you have questions to feel secure with the work. The pass mark on the Assessment is 100% and also you want to feel that you are giving your 100% when you work with your clients in this very special once-in-a-lifetime process.

Contact Julie for appointments

Distance Credentialing:

If you are not in any of these locations and a Mentor is more than 200k from you, you can take your Credentialing by distance with Kelly Woodruff who is in the USA. The fee for this is $129 USD and there are requirements to have someone to film you live while you demonstrate the lines and points of The Reconnection, with someone laying on a massage table. Contact Julie for more information.