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Have you noticed how our animals are our Mentors? They help us to learn about ourselves as they allow us to show them our love.

In return, they give us their unconditional love.

Many of us have animals in our lives that are more than just ‘pets’, they are our companions and friends who listen to us when we need someone to talk to, who watch everything we do and they are often our mentors who teach us lessons about life and ourselves.

Sometimes they take on our problems, illnesses, stress and that is when they may need our help to get back into balance of who THEY really are.

Reconnective Healing can be facilitated for any animal that needs assistance. We can help your family pet, performance animal, assistance dog, farm or native animal.

Animals respond wonderfully to Reconnective Healing and it can be facilitated in person or by distance.

Distance healing works equally as well with animals and in some cases is preferred, especially if your animal is injured, aggressive, will not travel, or if you are in a different location – it could be anywhere worldwide.

Julie loves working with animals. She trained and worked alongside Renee Coltson, founder of Partnership in Planetary Healing in Arizona USA. Renee is an expert with horses, dogs, cats, birds and many other animal species.

Working with animals is different to working with people, animals don’t think about it and analyze it like humans do. They feel the frequencies and allow it for as long as they want, usually just walking away when they are done. We recommend one, two or three sessions.

Sometimes their human may need healing as well 🙂


Reconnective Healing for Animals in person or by distance: $150 aud

  • Appointments are available at our Animal Mentor Clinic in Kurnell, Sydney.
  • Distance Healing is available to any country worldwide.
  • On-site visits may also be available.

Each appointment is 45 minutes with 30 minutes in the session.
Sometimes our animal friends accept the healing immediately, and sometimes it may take a little more so we recommend 1, 2 or 3 sessions.

Payment may be made with Cash, Bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card. Distance Healing is payable in advance, thank you.

Contact Julie to discuss the best way to work with your furry or feathered friend.

Rescue CatsBo Jangles and Thomas were rescue cats who came to the Animal Mentor Clinic for Reconnective Healing. They love to keep each other company and are wonderful mentors to their owner.





Pippi the Rescue Kitty was justPippi the Rescue Kitty 4 weeks old when he came to live with us. As a rescue, he had been hand fed by bottle from birth at the local cattery. He has now grown into the most loving and curios friend who got his name from the pip pip sound he makes instead of a meow, although he also seems to talk now and then when greeted. His best friend was Barni the Rescue Dog who was a kind of surrogate ‘mother’ for Pippi and he followed him around everywhere, taking on many dog like habits such as running to the gate to greet us when we arrived home.


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Sammy the Seal

As with any Reconnective Healing Practitioner, we can’t make any promises or guarantees. I can’t promise if your results will come in the form you are desiring or anticipating, if they will happen immediately or later, if they will make themselves known to you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise. If they will make sense to you or not or if you will notice anything at all. If that’s alright with you, I welcome you to schedule your Reconnective Healing Session/s for your animal mentor.