Reconnective Healing Mentoring and Practitioner Information

Reconnective Healing Mentoring is available for those who have taken Level II: Live Training

Reconnective Healing® Mentoring

Julie offers personal coaching/mentoring to those who have taken Level II Reconnective Healing and would like to refresh their skills. Review the work, working with clients, distance healing, self healing, help you set up or move forward with your practice, marketing, business practices, working with family and friends, children, animals or any questions you have.

Phone/Skype/Email: Up to 5 minutes – FREE
Phone/Skype/Email: 30 minutes – $85
In Person: 1 Hour $150 – 90 Minutes $220 – 2 Hours $250 Bring someone to work on if you want to practice on the massage table.

Insurance for Practitioners

If you decide to go into practice and offer this work to others, you need to get your own business advice for your individual situation and location regarding tax, insurance, local business regulations etc. and I suggest you talk to your bookkeeper, accountant or business advisor.

If you need public liability insurance the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT) accepts your Reconnective Healing qualification. *When you sign up I can offer you a code to receive a 10% discount on your Membership. You must click on the link and then use code Friends10% You can find details HERE.

I really felt it was the missing link between the seminar and getting started in your own practice. A great follow up with an immense amount of support. Thank you Julie for running these follow up workshops, they make the difference between me doing a seminar and me doing this work as a business. – Vanessa van der Werff, Case Worker, Muscular Dystrophy Queensland and Reconnective Healing Practitioner


Healing HandsJulie, There had been a few angels that are walking the earth that has crossed my path. You are one of them for me. Your mentoring has brought me to be where I am today, in the RH world. For that I can’t thank you enough. With heartfelt gratitude and the best 🙂 of wishes for you and those who you attract as their catalyst in life. Many thanks and much appreciation. – Dilusha Desilva, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Melbourne