Introduction to Reconnective Healing for People and Animals

Reconnective Healing® is a new paradigm in healing that can help shift your life back into balance. Join us for an introduction where you will see practical demonstrations on a massage table with volunteers from the audience, and have the chance to feel the frequencies in your own hands. Usually $25 entry, free with advance registration.

During this presentation learn about a new and dynamic level of healing that transcends technique, frees you from complex rituals and fear-based protections… healing that you can easily do for yourself and for others – no matter what your background.

Reconnective Healing has been shown in multiple scientific studies to restructure your very DNA, resulting in your cells emanating higher and more coherent levels of light, resulting in healings – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and more – that often tend to be fairly instantaneous and life-lasting.

Often clients say that they feel more relaxed than they ever have before and many have life shifts, either on the massage table or in the days following their sessions.

Julie Jara has been in practice with Reconnective Healing for 15 years and has a special passion for helping animals. Working with animals is different to working with people, they dont think about it like humans do, they feel the frequencies and allow the healing so sometimes just one healing session is all that is needed.

Find out more about Reconnective Healing, how it can help you, your family and your pets, and how you can become a healer yourself.

I would love to meet you at this event, which is open to everyone wanting to know more about healing, healing themselves or healing others. Children are also welcome and will be able to participate.

Fee: $20 advance registration or $25 cash only at the door

Special Offer: Register ahead through EventBrite for FREE entry.