Book: Man and The Universe

Man And The Universe by Dr Francisco Coll

Dr Francsico Coll pioneered the field of spiritual research and education for over 50 years. At an early age Dr Coll became aware of his ability to communicate directly with an Inner Guidance.

Over his lifetime he formulated the wisdom he received from Spirit into hundreds of courses and techniques that could be used by others desiring to fully develop their spiritual abilities and to clearly establish a two-way communication with the Higher Spirit.

This comprehensive book is the original text where Dr. Coll outlines spirit’s message. The format is simple and practical. The 13 chapters provide an overview of Dr. Coll’s body of knowledge gained from his years of research.

This 50 page booklet is highly recommended if you want to get the ‘big picture’ of your life on planet earth.

Man and the Universe BookContents

1. How it all started
2. Man and the Universe
3. Science, Religion and Society
4. You and your environment
5. Three states of consciousness
6. Confused souls and limbo
7. Messengers of god
8. Your plan
9. Cycles of life
10. The gift of prophecy
11. The gift of vision
12. The gift of feeling
13. The gift of intuition