Connect With Inner Guidance Workbook

Connect With Inner Guidance Workbook is also called Connect With Your Angels and Angel Encounter Workshop. (It is the same book with different covers).

This workbook gives you information about your Inner Guidance, Spiritual Guides, Higher Self, Angels and techniques to help you to deepen your communication.

It is a wonderful resource to have with your Orientation Profile. Free postage is offered when you purchase both together. Go to HOLISTIC COACHING page to order.


  1. You are never aloneAngel Encounter Workshop
  2. Our relationship to the universe
  3. Technique – Spiritual Cleansing
  4. Our relationship with our Inner Guidance/Angels
  5. Technique – Cleansing Your Environment
  6. Your Orientation Profile*
  7. Communicating with your Inner Guidance/Angels*
  8. Tips for communication with your Inner Guidance/Angels
  9. Solidifying your communication
  10. Developing your four spiritual gifts
  11. Technique – Methods of Meditation
  12. Where do we go from here?



Connect With Your Angels*NOTE: Chapters 6 and 7 (or pages 17 to 24) are best read in conjunction with the Orientation Profile where you will receive personalized information on your own spiritual gifts and which is your main means of communication, a check up of where your spiritual energy is being directed at this time and details of your own team of Inner Guidance/Angels. You are also shown the ‘Check and Recheck Technique’. Check the Holistic Coaching page for more details of the Orientation Profile.

36 Page Workbook $20 cash
Mailed within Australia $24
Mailed to any country worldwide $30
* NOTE: The workbook has three different covers, but it is the same book on the inside, if you have a preference for one of the covers please let me know when you order.

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