Chronic Kidney Disease

Trent Boyle Chronic Kidney DiseaseAt 33 years of age Trent from Queensland, Australia, was told by Doctors that there was no solution for his medical condition, that it would continue to get worse. Diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, medication helped to relieve the symptoms initially and with regular blood tests the medication was continually increased but Trent did not feel good. He needed a kidney transplant but because of complications it was not a possibility for him.

He started searching for anything that might help and found the Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection Seminars which he took in 2011, not understanding what it really was and not expecting a healing or that he would even live much longer. But something happened. His hands started buzzing and he felt different. He went back home and realized that every time he took his medication he was feeling worse, so he decided to stop taking it and found that he was feeling much better. (Note: You must see your medical practitioner before changing your medications).

A few weeks after the seminar Trent went for his regular tests and his Doctor was peering at him from behind his test results in a strange way. He said to Trent ‘You have been looking after yourself’. His kidney function and blood pressure were back to normal. After two years Trent continues to go back for medical tests now and then and they are still normal. He has not taken any medication in that time. He now wants to share this message with others and is passionate about helping others who have been told there is no cure.

Trent Boyle, Council Worker, Gladstone Queensland Australia

2 thoughts on “Chronic Kidney Disease

    1. Hi Felicity, Trent moved from Queensland down to Sydney and I have not heard from him now in a couple of years. Maybe he will see this post? We would love to hear from you Trent.


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