Pregnant Against All Odds

Lena and IsabellaI met Lena while I was living in Los Angeles. After her Reconnection she was talking about how she had the vision of her daughter.

“My name is Lena and, like many women today, I started thinking about motherhood much later in my life. I met my husband in Costa Rica 12 years ago and it was love at first sight. Shortly after we met, he gave up a great teaching job, sold his house and his car and moved to California to be with me. We married a few years later and our first few years together were filled with our busy careers and lots of adventures around the globe.

Then I hit 40, and soon after lost my mom. Having a child became suddenly pressing. We tried and tried and went through several IVF cycles, spent tens of thousands of dollars and after many desperate attempts, we still didn’t get pregnant.

I then discovered Dr. Eric Pearl’s work and had some Reconnective Healing sessions. I also had my Reconnection done. At the end of the second session I had a very clear vision of my daughter…

One year later, despite all odds, I became pregnant. This was truly a miracle. On May 18, 2010, just shy of my 46th birthday, we became proud parents of the cutest, healthiest, little girl. Isabella is now three months old and every day I am amazed by her existence.”

Lena M, Los Angeles, 21 August 2010

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