How to tell your animal family you are going away

Barni the Rescue Dog Pippi the Rescue CatI am packing my bags to go to Bali for a month and Barni the Rescue Dog is watching with long drawn face, almost a tear in his eye. They know, they watch, the observe very closely everything we do, they know our daily habits much better than we do and they certainly know when change is afoot.

I am lucky, I dog share and cat share, which means when I travel there is someone to be with the animal family and it works out perfectly. But they still know I am going and the daily routines will change, the walks will not be the same ones and morning at the beach coffee shop is off the plan for a month.

I told Barni I am going away. I held his furry little face in my hands and mentally projected the image I wanted to convey, with a picture that I was going to be away, for quite a while, but I was coming back and would see him again. I showed him how fun it will be to go and get our first coffee at the beach together and we will be happy again. I then asked him to be strong, he is 12 years old and now on herbal medications for his heart, so he only has short walks now, and gets tired quickly. I told him he would be well, and he can send me a message if he wants to ask for a healing.

I know that Pippi the Rescue Cat communicates in a different way but last time I went away I forgot to tell him before I went. While traveling I had these strange impressions that he was visiting me. Darn, I forgot to let him know and there he was in my dreams asking where i was!

I call him the ‘Pipster’, if he were a human he would have a red beard and wear checked shirts. So I went to tell him I was going away but he is young, just a year old and wanted to play, nip my hand and then rolled over legs up in the air (yes he thinks he is a dog). I mentally projected the image to him, but he was busy thinking of other things so I will focus on the Pipster while I am on the plane and so he has another chance to focus and get what I am saying. Sometimes distance can work really well because we have taken the personality out of the communication.

I can go away knowing they know whats going on, and can’t wait to return to see them again.

Talk to your animal friends, they are waiting for you to wake up and to realize they are more conscious, aware and psychic than you know.

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