The difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection AND my own personal experience


I was asked what the difference is between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. As I typed my response I thought you might like to read it. AND I added in what my personal experience with both was. Published for the first time.

Basically, Reconnective Healing is for healing DIS-EASE on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level. When we get out of balance, Reconnective Healing can help us to get back into balance. The healings I have seen are from small chronic problems to hugely life changing.

The Reconnection, while using the same frequencies, is a different process that accelerates your life path and evolution. I notice that people tend to move forward onto their true path, sometimes instantly, and sometimes more slowly as it unfolds over time. And this is a continual process, it is not just one shift, it a process that unfolds as you step forward.

After you have had your Reconnection there still will be times when you may become out of balance as life challenges appear, and Reconnective Healing can certainly help at this time to help you get back on track. Life is about progressing forward, learning lessons and growing and that all comes with its challenges no matter how healthy, evolved and on track we are!

My own Reconnective Healing Sessions:

I felt tingling in my hands after simply walking past Eric Pearl at a festival in Sydney. This went on for over a year until I decided to find out what it really was about. I had three sessions of Reconnective Healing, not for anything in particular, just for the experience, to find out more, but I did have a diagnosed spinal condition that was very painful and had been told it would severely affect my life as I got older. I felt good in the sessions, relaxed and then very emotional and I cried deeply while a voice that seemed to be me? told me that I was being supported and everything was going to be all right.

That was profound in itself, but nothing else happened. A few days after the sessions I noticed the pain in my back had gone, it was just not there. That pain has not come back, even though I looked for it many times! So while not a lot happened in my sessions, the experience was truly life changing for me. I still have scoliosis in my spine, I get a sore neck if I sit at the computer too long, but I no longer get the pinched nerves that were so painful.

My own Reconnection:

I have never publically shared what happened in my Reconnection. THIS IS IMPORTANT: the reason I have not told anyone is because everyone has a different experience that is appropriate for them. In the many Reconnections I have facilitated for others, most have an interesting experience that tends to unfold further over time. Only about two people in a hundred have a huge experience, and I don’t want you to expect that this will happen, or will not happen. You need to be open to allow whatever is appropriate as an individual and know that the door will be opened for you.

So here goes with my experience:

As I lay on the massage table I first felt annoyed that it had been placed crooked in the room and my whole body seemed to twist to try and straighten it out. I then felt like I was swinging upside down on a roller coaster and I was hanging on for my life, that I was about to fall. There was a chugging sound and a lot of movement. There seemed to be a mist around me that parted when the face of one of my spirit guides came very close and I heard myself say ‘hello’. He gave me a ‘look’ as he said ‘can you see me?” and I said ‘yes’. He then turned and said ‘hey, she has come across to our side’.

One by one my guides came in and out of perspective, about 10cm from my face and introduced themselves while I had streams of tears falling. (I had been working with and communicating with my guides for 20 years prior to this and knew them well, but this experience was as if the veil had thinned and we had become so much closer). My session ended and the practitioner asked if there was anything I wanted to share. I said no, and ran out.

This was in my lunch hour at work in the city and as I tried to get back I discovered not only could I barely walk, it was as if my spirit had separated from my physical body and I had become the observer, standing next to myself. I eventually got back to work, and sat. I could not possibly do any work and I was praying that nobody wanted to interact with me!! There is more that happened that evening, but I will leave that for another time.

Session 2 was at lunchtime the following day and all I remember is that I got on the massage table and the session ended with a clunk, and I was back in my body. I could walk and function again and wondered what had just happened? But was relieved I was back.

I took the training with Eric Pearl a few weeks later, started to see clients offering Reconnective Healing. I built this for about 2 years until I left my corporate job to jump into doing this work full time. About 6 months later I had run out of money! It was not as easy as I thought to build a practice. Yet I seemed to have an inner drive to continue to move forward and started working harder to inspire people to a seminar that Eric was bringing to Australia. We had 1,400 booked in for his Friday night presentation and it was a great event. That weekend I was offered a job based in Los Angeles and traveling with The Reconnection Team to seminars all over the world.

It was here at one point where I realized I was living my purpose, the international connections and travel is a main thrust of my astrology chart, and finally it was happening.

After my 18-month visa ended I returned to Australia and continued to travel internationally until I decided I was ‘over’ 36 hour flights and started to work more locally within Australia. I have now been doing this for 13 years.

I think the final outcome of my Reconnection is that while I have never worked harder in my life, I was finally challenged to step up to the level that I was capable of. My experience reminds me of a saying that used to be on the wall of my teacher, Dr Francisco Coll:

“Ships in harbour are safe, but that’s not what ships are built for”.

Oh, and my relationship with my guides (or whatever you want to call it, God, spirit, angels, higher self) since that experience is of a 24/7 communication where I am aware of my own self and also of help I receive from a higher source. It helps with everything I do and this is really the first time I have talked about it, but it is very real and totally changed my life.

NOTE: Please refer to the top of this message where I shared that this is my own experience, yours will most likely be totally different and wonderfully appropriate just for you. It may start immediately, or unfold over time.

Julie Jara
Certified Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection Practitioner
Practitioner Mentor
Associate Instructor





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