Distance Healing help from Pippi

Doing Distance Healing today for two different clients, Pippi wanted to come inside and help so I let him. He soon jumped up onto my lap and the furry purple blanket I was using to keep warm.

Purring away, then he could not stay awake with small sleepy eyes.


A while after I started the second healing, he reached out with his paw and held my hand for about 10 minutes – it looks in the picture like I was holding his but that was just the way my hand was relaxing while I did the healing. As soon as I finished he jumped up and wanted to go outside again.

Debriefing with the client I told her that Pippi had been helping and it turned out she had previously had a cat called Pepe. She was pleased to hear how Pippi helped but I can’t help but wonder is there more to this?


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