Healing for the Family

The ReconnectionA client called and booked in three sessions, she is about to have a baby and wanted to have healing before the birth.

I have worked with this client several times over many years, last time I spoke with her I asked how it has changed her life? She responded with “Everything changed. My health, my job, my relationship, my family”.

We first met in 2013 when I facilitated a healing session in person for her. She said afterwards that she could feel a lot during the session and already feels healthier and lighter.

In 2016 we did some distance healing, she said she wanted to have a baby and in one of the sessions she could see a baby boy sleeping.

In 2019 she called me and confirmed that she had become pregnant after the sessions three years prior, and was very happy.

She was wanting to have another baby and asked me for three distance healing sessions. During the first of these sessions she said the waves and frequencies that she remembers from the first sessions came back, that it was similar feelings.

She phoned me in February 2020 and said she was so excited, confirming that she was pregnant again.

She also asked for a healing for her now 4-year-old who they want to get into a particular school next year, but he has to through an assessment process and they are worried about that. I did the healing and it was kind of funny, during the session I had an impression of a boy in a school uniform.

You know the story of a healer now, we don’t always get to hear about the healing until afterwards, but after the first miracle I saw with this work, I have complete trust that it will unfold as it is supposed to, in the best interest of the person and I let it go, as I must.

One of the joys, however, is learning the stories of people’s lives unfolding. I am a bit like the detached Aunty who hears about the important events, sometimes long after they have happened.

Today my client called again and let me know they have received an offer of the school they wanted to get their son into for 2021. I guess I knew they would, and it takes me to wonder if all of this would have happened if they had not been having healing along the way or if it has helped them to have a smooth path step by step? I asked her if I could write a blog about her story, because I was so happy to hear of all the good things happening. She agreed, but I said I would sent it first so she could let me know if I have it correct. I explained that so often I have people contacting me when they have been diagnosed with a serious problem, a life threatening diagnosis or so much stress they are really in trouble, and what a joy it is to have someone who understands preventative health. She agreed, saying that she feels Reconnective Healing can help you to make the right choices and decisions in life.

She asked for distance healing again, in the weeks prior to her second child being born, to make sure the birth goes well, and we have booked this in over the next week. She asked if it would be alright for the baby, I let her know there have never been any contraindications with our work and when you are in the field of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies, everyone can get some healing, so the baby may even feel it as well.

I wonder if I will be offering this healing when her children grow up and want children of their own? I better keep the same phone number, or at least Google always knows how to find me.

– Clients name withheld by request. When I showed her this story she said:

“I have read the blog and definitely you can post on your website. I feel so blessed that I met you and experienced the life changing healing”. 10 June 2020

If you have any questions about if this healing may be appropriate for you, or for your family, please contact Julie and I will be happy to talk with you about it.

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