A Secret To Healing

I have found something that makes a big difference when I’m offering healing.

I’m Julie Jara from New Frequency Healing and I have been offering healing sessions in person and by distance for over 15 years.

Let me explain what I have discovered:

If you have had a healing session with me, you know I don’t ask what your ‘problem’ or ‘symptoms’ or ‘diagnosis’ is.

I don’t focus on your situation – I usually don’t even know what it is. And you situation is very often only the result of what is really going on, it may be physical, it may be emotional, it may be a spiritual issue, it may be many things, but true healing is to bring back balance in all areas.


When in session I focus on knowing you are already healed.

I FEEL you are healed.

I SEE you at 100% perfection.

I UNDERSTAND you will have a healing because I have experienced it so many times.

I KNOW it to be true.

I found this to be an important key. Probably the most important key to healing


So where has your focus been lately?

The world is going through a consciousness shift and it is affecting all of us (I get caught up some days too).

Are you focused on the life that is crumbling and falling apart? Or are you focusing on where you are going?

I am not suggesting you put blinkers on & ignore it. We need to be aware of where we are at and what is coming. But how about we spend 95% of our day focusing on how we want things to be?


This is not simply positive thinking.

Its about creating how you want your world to be.

What level of physical health do you want?

How loving are your personal relationships?

Is there mutual respect in your social relationships? Do you hang out with people you want to be with?

Is your daily work filled with passion?

Do you have a compelling future you are working towards?

Have you found your true purpose?

How do you feel? How do you feel within yourself? How do you feel about what you are doing?

Do you jump out of bed, feeling like you cant wait to do todays projects?

Do you realize you are free?


An example:

You probably heard about Chantelle Doyle who was attacked by a shark in Port Macquarie last weekend. Her husband Mark jumped the shark punching it, saving her life. In an interview later he said “all I could think of was GET OFF, GET OFF, GET OFF”

Where was his focus?


If you would like to take this conversation about healing further:

I am offering a free Zoom meeting on Sunday 23 August. I will give a brief Introduction to Healing and then you get the chance to feel the frequencies.

You do need to register ahead and then you will be sent by email the link to join. Read the details of this event and register at: https://juliejara.com/introduction


If you would like to watch the video I made about this:

CLICK HERE: https://youtu.be/RTJpPeBeg3U


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