He Didn’t Believe in Healing

Mark Before Healing Mark after healingI was going to be in Brisbane with The Reconnection Training, so invited my cousin Mark to come to a talk, The Essence of Healing with Dr Eric Pearl. He said yes, thinking it would be a good chance for us to catch up. I had only seen Mark a few times over the last 20 years and we didn’t know much about each others’ lives. He certainly had no idea of what I was involved in!

Mark said he had a quick look at The Reconnection website but had no idea  what Reconnective Healing was. In fact, he said to me later that he didn’t even realize that healers existed. He said it was something he had seen on movies, but didn’t think it was real. He said his wife had gone to a few new age events, but he hadn’t been interested. Reading the information did not give him an understanding of what it was, until he experienced it for himself…

Mark had injured his arm while rollerblading with his son.  He had limited movement in his left arm. His medical report stated “A little sclerosis of the greater tuberosity suggesting impingement & a mild thickening of the subacromial/subdeltoid bursa consistent with bursitis”. Though this may sound minor, Mark states “I couldn’t even swing a golf club for around 18 months.”

Eric Pearl asked the audience if anyone had a visible limitation or injury so that he could show a practical demonstration of Reconnective Healing. Mark volunteered, feeling that he had nothing to lose. Eric asked Mark to raise his arms as though they were the hands of a clock to show the range of movement he had and he was able to lift his left arm to about 4 o’clock. Eric put his hands on Mark’s elbow and shoulder area for a few minutes and then asked him to show the range of movement again. To everyone’s amazement he could easily lift his arm to around 1 o’clock. The most surprised of all was Mark!

Eric then had a volunteer from the audience lay on the table. Eric spent a couple of minutes showing Mark how do Reconnective Healing himself. He showed him how to hold his hands and to look for the registers in the person that would get stronger with distance. Mark, who had not even heard of healing until now, was standing in front of over 300 people demonstrating to them how this is done! Mark was again to ask to show the range of movement in his shoulder and, to his surprise, he had total movement back in his arm. The audience was invited to walk past Mark to observe how the person on the table was showing the registers.

I met Mark for lunch the day after the seminar and he was beaming with joy. He asked me if I thought he could actually do Reconnective Healing himself. I said, “You were doing it on Friday night in front of over 300 people, you already know how to do it!”

He asked me if I could get him a copy of Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, so he could find out more about what it was he was doing. He also tested the range of movement in his arm again and found that it was still freely moving. (And still is, years later). Mark O’Keeffe, Sales Rep, Brisbane, Australia 2006

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