Self Healing

Self HealingA question I am often asked is how to do healing for yourself. What are the procedures? If you have already tuned into the new frequencies, felt the tingling in your hands or experienced the sense of ‘something different’, then all you need to do is to be in presence with it. Allow and observe. Notice what happens.

I recommend you first find a comfortable place where you can relax without being disturbed, lay on your bed, a massage table, lounge or rest in a comfortable chair. Turn off the phone, put the pets out (although they will often insist on being part of it once they feel the frequencies), close the blinds and turn off the outside world for some time.

As soon as you focus on it, there it is. There is no need to call it in, it’s already there. Let go of expectation of what will happen and simply become the observer. I usually start by lifting my hands and noticing the frequencies between my hands, move them and notice what changes. This usually lasts less than a minute before I get bored with that and just let go entirely.

You might spend a few minutes or 30 minutes or an hour. You might fall asleep and wake up a few hours later or the next morning! Make sure you set your alarm if you have something you need to do after your healing! Whenever you end your personal self-healing take a few moments to notice how you feel, what happened during the session and then let it go.

I suggest you do 3 sessions on consecutive days, or with a few days in between each session – whatever works for your schedule and feels right for you. And then you let it go, you don’t keep on doing healing for yourself every day, you just don’t need to.

If you have trouble to let go of the outcome, of what you know your illness or upset to be, or if you really cannot relax with yourself, then maybe a session with a practitioner is a better alternative. One of the largest challenges is to let go of the story you have, the symptoms of your dis-ease, and what you believe your outcome will be. A true holistic healer will not buy into your story and knows that 100% healing is possible.

If you can also get to that place of consciousness, self-healing will work for you. BELIEVE.

3 thoughts on “Self Healing

  1. Hi Julie,Oh how beautifully explained. Extremely simplistic. Good reminder that we over complicate things unnecessarily, sometimes out of habit.
    Much appreciated.
    Thank you so very much for this insight.
    Dilusha Devinie

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  2. Thank you Julie for the lovely reminder of how to heal ourselves,
    As others have said we too often make things complicated…..instead of letting go and just listening
    Thank you again !
    love, Dorothy

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