40 Years Smoking

40 Years SmokingI went to see Julie Jara because I was feeling a bit off, a bit out of sorts, a bit out of balance, in short, not me.

I smoked for 40 years and gave it up quite a few years ago. Some years after I quit I had major surgery done on my lungs, so, for me, the weakest part of my body were my lungs and they were now causing me some angst.

All I can do is tell you what happened to me, because this is my personal experience, not what will or even what may happen to you or your loved ones, it’s only about me.

When I went for my session Julie chatted to me for some time, I told her if I was a vehicle I could do with a tune up, she told me that she would not touch me during the session other than to touch my chest and tell me when the session was over.

I lay on the table and relaxed as much as I could and after a time I felt parts of my body being moved, my head, my stomach my chest all seemed to be poked and prodded gentle, I had my mouth open when I lay down and I was aware of it gradually opening. I originally thought that Julie was manipulating my body but then I heard a sound some distance away from the table and realised that the noise was Julie. I was being poked and prodded by hands not connected to anything. I seemed to float at times and at other times to be pushed down. When Julie gentle touched my chest and told me the session had finished, it seemed to take a little while for me to come back to reality, and I was very thirsty.

After the session Julie and I spoke about what I had experienced and thinking back now I find it hard to recall specifically what I saw and felt in detail, although I did feel, for want of a better expression, that I had been put back together.

When I was leaving Julie told me, in short, to listen to my body needs as the healing would continue for a week or so.

So during the following week I did as my body directed, I found myself invigorated and mentally much more alive, so much so I decided to have the reconnection, I phoned Julie and made the necessary appointments.

The first reconnection session started out in a very similar manner to my healing session but that’s where the similarity finished, my trance state seemed deeper although I was always very cognisant not to allow myself to leave completely, I had a multitude of spiritual visitors in the room and at times I wondered how they could all fit in the room. The feeling of the change in my body gradually took over from the gathering of spirit guides, each bit of my body seemed to be inspected and prodded, something like a doctor giving you a check over for your annual physical.

Surprisingly my left knee, leg and foot felt as if they were being twisted and manipulated, I wondered why but this new positioning of my knee was still there at the end of the session. When I sat up and was sure I had completely returned I removed myself from the table and was surprised at how balanced I felt, like my legs, knees and feet were in fact a pair, the same size and shape. Sometime later when I changed my trousers I was surprised to see they fitted better than they had. This change was a surprise, so that night when I went to sleep I was still running the days events over in my mind particularly the first half of my reconnection, when I suddenly sat up in bed.

I had been on holidays in the outback the previous year and had been walking through waist high grass, which is a rare event for the normally sparsely covered outback, I was particularly intent on getting the best angle for the camera shot I was after, and put my foot into a deep hole and with the forward movement twisted my leg knee and foot. It hurt like hell at the time so I changed the way I walked to relieve the pain and being on holidays I didn’t want to miss anything. Apparently the foot and knee were stuffed and I had unconsciously compensated for them. It took a couple of month to rid myself of the pain, so the first reconnection session healed all that, even though I’d forgotten it.

The second session started out similarly to the first minus the room full of souls, again all parts of my body were manipulated until some major changes started to happen, it felt like my internal organs around my chest and stomach are were being shoved around and not too gently either, then my neck and head received the same treatment getting moved around, the next thing I was ridged, it felt as if the bones in my legs, spine and neck had all locked together and I was being stretched, a most peculiar feeling. Obviously a big change in my body structure that I thought was fine, but when my body went into the panel beaters bay it’s was like all the rust was removed and new panels inserted.

Even after all of this the lessons were still coming, I was of the impression that the healing only lasted around the week and then it finished, how wrong was I.

There was a flu bug going around and I ended up getting it, I was disappointed as I had just had all this healing. Again the old grey matter was chewing over the events, and the conclusion I came to was that even though I had had major lung surgery which included washing all the muck out of them, there was still some rubbish left that needed to be removed, so the flu served a purpose.

Now, although it’s some weeks later I can still feel the continual changes in my body both big and small, sometimes it feels as though I have regressed but it’s always for a reason and instead of the supposed regression it turns out to be progression.

Many years ago my Father said when you write a letter always read it to make sure you do not have “I” strain, I’m afraid that this has major “I” strain as it is about my personal experiences, yours, I’m sure, will be different.

Howard Farrell, Sales, Sydney, Australia

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