What happens to the healer during distance healing?

Healing DemonstrationDo you ever wonder what is going on for the healer when you have a distance healing? Clients often ask what happened during the session and you would have heard me say that it is not about the healer, it’s what the person having the session experiences. And that is absolutely true, we are not diagnosing or going into the symptoms, we are not looking for insights into the client or the dis-ease, we are the observer, the catalyst that connects everything together to enable the healing to happen. We observe, with interest, and then let it go to allow the healing to unfold.

I thought I would share some of what happened during a distance healing I did this morning, to satisfy your curiosity.

I phoned my client at the time we had booked in to make sure we both were ready and had the same time, as he was in Texas, USA. It was evening for him and morning for me. He said he was ready to go and would lie down and get comfortable. We hung up the phone and its winter here so I turned on the heater, put up my ‘Do not disturb, session in progress’ sign, closed the blinds and sat down.

When I first started doing distance healing I used to set up the massage table and stand at it, as if the person was laying on the table in my clinic, but I soon realized I don’t need to do that, as well as feeling pretty stupid, imagine if someone saw me standing there working with an invisible client! All I need to do is sit, relax, notice and observe the frequencies and focus on my client. Sometimes I use my hands to ‘feel’ the frequencies at the beginning of the session.

I started the healing and the first thing that happened was the noises around me became heightened. I had a client come to my home clinic/office a few days before and when we had completed the session, during the debrief, my client commented on how the clock was so loud during the first moments of the session, then the sound faded away and now it was barely audible.

The same thing happened with the distance healing, the ticking of the clock became very loud, even annoying. I heard the birds chirping loudly outside, the mangrove birds chirping further away and I pondered how I knew the difference between the birds in the trees and the birds in the mangrove. All the noises were loud at first and then disappeared as other things came to my attention.

I felt like I was among a lush, wet, tropical rainforest and laughed to myself, as I knew my client lives in Texas, which is probably a red dirt desert. I don’t know what it meant, if anything, but it’s interesting to keep the attention by ‘noticing’ things like this.

Next I felt like there was a presence in the room where the client was relaxing, as if a light energy was there working with him. Again I wondered how I knew that the light I was sensing was with the client and not in the room with me. There are no explanations for sensations like this, it is just trusting the thoughts I receive, observing, and that’s it.

The healing time ended, I took a few moments to regroup myself and think about what happened. I am not sure if the things I noticed had anything to do with my client, or if they were there for me, to keep me focussed during the session, but the most important thing for the healer now is to let go. Allow it to be and allow the healing to unfold for the client, as appropriate for them.

If they don’t notice much at the time, that’s fine, I know it will continue to unfold for the next few days. If they have the healing that they wanted, that’s also fine, I cannot become attached to the outcome as I am simply the catalyst in the equation. It may be the most difficult part of being a modern day healer, to not get personally involved in the healing, to know and accept that spirit/god/universe has the intelligence to make this work, way beyond what I could possibly do if it were me doing the healing.

I focus back on myself. I notice that I am feeling wonderful, refreshed and inspired. With each healing I am connecting to source, the field, the all and I receive a healing as well. I feel good and my light is shining, ready for my next adventure of the day.

NOTE: From what I have seen in my practice, Distance Healing is just as effective as healing in person. I have done many of both and am always interested to see what happens. There seems to be the same unfolding of the healing, so I would recommend that both are great. Some clients prefer to see me in person, to come to a clinic or space where they can have a personal experience, and some clients either live far away or prefer to relax in their own environment where they can tune into the healing. Both are interesting for me and I love hearing the stories of the healings that unfold.


Blessings, Julie

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