What happens when a tomato plant is connected?

Tomato TreeA tiny little tomato plant popped up in the compost around the lemon tree, so I let it grow. Usually I would start to prune it as it grew up, but I had a feeling to just leave it to do its thing. As a Reconnective Healer I sense and ‘tune into’ the healing frequencies as I play in the garden, and each time I worked with this tomato of humble beginnings, I felt as if I was intuitively guided in what it wanted. I put in some tall bamboo garden stakes and trained the branches to grow up them.


It just kept on getting wider and taller as little mini green tomatoes started to appear. I am now calling it a ‘tomato tree’ as it is over 2 metres tall (around 7 feet) and I cannot reach the top of it. It is wide too, it may look like several plants, but no, its just the one humble plant expanding and expanding.

I have not given any fertilizer, only the compost that I make myself from vege scraps, grass clippings, the occasional bit of seaweed from the beach and a bit of horse poo when we get lucky and one of the local horses rides past leaving a gift. And the ground is covered in mulch to keep it moist. Under all that is plain salty sand and rubbish as the garden is built over a mangrove area that has been reclaimed.

You can see it here in the photo that my tree is way above the side fence that has an addition on top to make it animal proof. I am wondering how tall it will grow?

My beautiful tomato tree is now covered with green fruit turning red and more yellow flowers all over which means I will soon have hundreds of little tomatoes.

Why don’t you try the Reconnective Healing Frequencies on your plants and see what happens?

A connected tomato tomato flowers My tomato tree

This is me reaching up as high as I can to the top of my ‘tomato tree’.

Tomato Tree

As a footnote, we did have a farmer attend one of the Reconnective Healing training courses one time and afterwards he reported to me that he had been using the frequencies on his wheat crops. He stopped using fertilizer and weed killers and only used the frequencies over his hundreds of acres of land. The neighbours noticed and asked him what he was using, they wanted to get some of it too! Imagine the possibilities? Lets dream about a future where everything is changed. Is it possible?

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