Healing for Animals

I made this video explaining how we do Reconnective Healing for animals on a day when Barni the Rescue Dog was quite ill. He may have eaten some snail bait I noticed on a neighbours garden, or he may have had an emotional upset because we took in a cat to mind, and Barni always wants to be the ONLY Alpha Male around; this was a threat to him. Or it may have been something else, you can see from the video I was very worried about him that day. He started vomiting early morning, eating grass and vomiting, repeating this process several times.

Animals have a natural instinct that they follow and we should allow them to do that. There are, of course, times when medications can assist and a trip to the Vet is in order, you have to trust your own COMMON SENSE plus INTUITION on the right action to take.

The biggest hurdle when working with your own pets is ‘getting out of the way’ so you can do the healing. Then you need to let it go. It can be difficult when you have an emotional attachment to the outcome. You have your own need for an outcome that is what you want, but it is really what the animal wants. It’s sometimes good to get a second opinion.

Barni slept all day and during the night I was thinking we were going to loose him. My fears crept in when I could not hear him snoring any more. Just to explain, he is a 12 year old Rescue Cavalier with a grade 5 heart murmur, he is in his ‘senior’ years now.

The happy news is that come morning Barni was fine, he got up and was hungry asking for Breakfast. I took him over to the grass patch and he did not want any more grass, he just wanted food and a walk. He got through it and is now happy and healthy again. Here is a picture of him a couple of days later on his morning walk to the beach, smiling and saying hello.

I offer Animal Healing by distance or at my clinic in the Sutherland Shire and sometimes just one session can change the path of healing for your furry or feathered friend.

Barni on the beach

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