An explanation of Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl

You have heard of  ‘the shift’ where we are moving to a new level of consciousness on our planet. Our awareness is opening, possibilities for new health outcomes are developing every day, we can communicate to anyone, anywhere in an instant, much of how we live today will change by tomorrow…

You learnt at school that everything is vibrating constantly. As we are moving to a higher resonance, taking us to new levels, all that does not fit with this new level falls away. Health, relationships, emotional intelligence, awareness – all changes.

This short video is a very good explanation of what Reconnective Healing is by the founder, Dr Eric Pearl.

It has always been difficult to really explain ‘what this is’ because it is unlike any other healing we have had before. Yes, we have had energy healing and spiritual healing for many thousands of years, but this seems to go to an entirely new level where we are accessing something very new and different. And the healing is often life changing.

If you would like to learn how to do Reconnective Healing, an 8 hour on-line program is available through

To receive a 20% discount on the fee, use my special code jjara when you register. Enjoy, and let me know how you go. Here is what Annette said about the program, she is already a Practitioner but decided to take the on-line version of the training:

“I’ve been watching the online course of Erics and it’s very very good. I’ve always had and listened to all of the Reconnection’s recorded seminars and talks etc but this new online course is just clearer  – it’s good to be able to stop it and listen to sections and it’s been broken up into smaller pieces which makes it easier to comprehend. Very valuable. There is more being transmitted than just the words being spoken…”
– Annette Angel, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Cairns, Australia 

Now, check out this 4 minute video below and get to know Dr Eric Pearl and Reconnective Healing.

2 thoughts on “An explanation of Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl

  1. Nice info! Great share! Useful post Amazing write-up!
    It’s awesome that you want to share those tips with us.This is definitely the article that I will try to follow.


    1. Thank you Angel. It is sometimes difficult to understand what the new energies are all about and even more difficult to change our consciousness to be in true alignment with them. Eric Pearl explains it quite clearly.


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