Dying To Be Me – by Anita Moorjani

I had heard of this book “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani but did not realize how interesting her story was until I heard this fantastic interview. She had stage 4 lymphoma, tumours the size of lemons all over when her organs started shutting down and she went into a coma.

While unconscious she found she was very aware of everything happening both in the hospital room, and outside the room. She found she could be anywhere, at anytime, not confined to being in a body any more. She understood why she had the cancer and she ‘knew’ she would heal if she came back to her body.

30 hours later she did come back, surprising everyone, and 4 days later the tumours had shrunk by 70%. (As documented by the hospital Oncologist).

Her interview is truly enlightening with her message that there is nothing to fear with death.

One thought on “Dying To Be Me – by Anita Moorjani

  1. Lovely interview, Anita is so radiant, humble, down-to-earth and 100% Real! Very powerful in her presence and simplicity! Wonderful stuff.


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